Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Parrable of the Twins........

Once upon a time, twin boys were conceived in their mother's womb. Weeks passed and the twins developed. As their awareness grew, they laughed for joy: "Isn't it great that we were conceived? Isn't it great to be alive?"Together the twins explored their world. When they discovered the umblical cord and realized that it passed life to them from their mother, they sang for joy. "How great is our mother's love, that she shares her own life with us."As weeks stretched into months, the twins began to notice that they were changing rapidly. "What does it mean?" asked one twin.
"It means that our stay in this world is drawing to an end," said the other."But I don't want to go. I want to stay here always.""We don't have a choice, and who knows--maybe there is life after birth!""But how can that be? We will shed our life-cord, and how is life possible without it? Besides, no one has ever returned to the womb to tell us there is life after birth. No, this is the end."And so the one twin fell into despair. "If conception ends at birth, what is the purpose of life in the womb? It is meaningless. Maybe there is no mother at all!""But there has to be," protested the other. "How else did we get here? How do we remain alive?""Has either of us actually seen our mother? Maybe she lives in our minds. Maybe we made her up because we felt better believing in her." And so the last days in the womb arrived with deep questioning and fear. Finally, the moment of their birth arrived. And when the twins passed from their world, they opened their eyes.
And they cried, because it was so beautiful.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Good bye to Innocense................

They say that the 60's represented the death of Innocense. That makes me sad. As much as we discovered our sexuality, wouldn't it have been more fun to examine it in private? Now 3rd grade girls dress like prostitutes. They play with dolls that look like prostitutes and a virgin in junior high is almost unheard of. What did we benefit from this?

Rape or Sex Crimes in the northwest grew by 1000 percent between 1998 and 2000. It surged from 1500 to 15,000. Is this because boys don't know the limits of the sexual revolution? Teenage pregnancies in the 50's were almost unheard of. Abortions were never meant to be used as a form of birth control.

I use to enjoy the old Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies were you could get a woody from a romantic kiss. Now it seems producers aren't happy unless there is some form of asphyxiaton involved with the brutal sex. Sex, not Love.

Ozzie and Harriet, where have you gone?

Ace out..........................

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Art Deco and The Ryde Hotel..........

Beauty and the beast. You can never go home?

Did ya ever get one of those needs for a "walk about"? That's what Austrailian outbacksmen call it when they take off and don't come back for decade or so. I had "HAD" to get away yesterday. But I didn't want to go to the usual places that I go to, to "get away".

But I remembered a fond memory I had from 1981. It was a place in the heart of the Northern California "Delta Region" called the Ryde Hotel http://www.rydehotel.com/ . The Ryde Hotel is located in Ryde California (between Stockton and Sacramento) It use to be owned by Lon Chaney. (The wolfman~ I think) and was built in 1927. The only Hotel I can compare it to would be the "Chateau Marmont" in Hollywood. The best description I can give you is, It's like an extravagant "Art Decco" Gallery with Beds.

I had the most relaxing time, just sitting on the front Patio with nothing but my bottle of Calistoga water on a bentwood cane seat, under a Casablanca Fan listening to Glen Miller music, while watching Boats on the Sacramento river thru a small forest of Palm trees. It had all the cool Hollywood sculptures including Pink Flamingos. As I sat their, I day dreamed back to when Humphry Bogart use to sail the "Santana" from Marin to the Ryde Hotel and tie it up at the private dock for Ryde Hotel guests. Him and Lauren Bacall use to frequent the Ryde routinely. It use to be a favorite getaway for not only movie stars, but Mobsters and Politicians. (why is that not surprising?).

During prohibition they use to run alcohol to the caberet that is downstairs beneath the hotel. There's a trap door that leads to a tunnel that goes "under" the levee road and to a door by the Dock. So Alcohol could come in by ship and never ever see the light of day.

But time ruins a great thing. When I opened and said it reminded me of an Art Decco Gallery with Beds. That describes what a hotel it is. Not much. The new owners don't offer food service except on Sunday Champaign Brunch. You can't get a Martini if you check in after 5 oclock. Although the bar and restaurant is as beautiful as the Waldorf Astoria. You're on your own. The community consists of little farm towns, so unless you bring your own, you're on your own.

So if you extract the artwork from the hotel, it's an empty shell not worth the time. And that's such a pity with all the history and melodrama that has gone on there. I guess if you just want a place to dock your boat in the Delta, there's no better place. But don't do what I did and drive 2 hours from the Bay Area just to look at great art decco and have a less than average stay. But it's worth the visit.

Ace out..............

Friday, August 26, 2005

Pasta and Gravy.......

It's Friday. Here's my recipe for Italian pasta and gravy. (abbreviated version)

1 can of your favorite Sphagetti sauce (don't get anything expensive) Delmonte in the Can is fine
1 Clove of Garlic
4 Hot Italian Saugages
1/2 pound of burger
1 yellow onion
1 can diced Italian Tomatos

Garlic Granules

Brown the meat first. Then brown the Onion (chopped) Then add the garlic (minced) Then add all the liquids. Bring everything to a light boil, then simmer off the liquid from the diced tomatos until the gravy is as thick as you prefer.

Serve over your choice of Pasta (penne is my fave) boil 9 to 13 minutes. drain

Bon' appetite


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Track 10 California Sun.........

An old cover of the "Riviera's" hit from the 60's. I just like to finish off my albums with a song that has "California" in the title. Dick Dale said that my version of this song was "Very Very Cool".

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Track 9 "Polk Salad Annie"...............

OK, I hate my vocals on this song. They're pretty aweful. BUT The guitar work is as good as the vocals are bad. The riffs on this song are very reminiscent of Robin Trower on the "Bridge of Sigh" album 1975. It just shreds. I love the guitar work on this song. Just love it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Track 8 "SleepWalk"................

Another song that was recorded for "Hunka Gyrations". This song is just a great guitar song. It's been covered by several great guitarists. My favorite would be the Brian Setzer Orchestra version. But the original still stands the test of time. It's the only "Pedal Steel" solo instrumental to ever make the top of the charts. It's been covered by Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Larry Carlton, I think my mom did a cover of it before she died. (just kidding)

I tried to stay true to the original without over-doing anything. It's a classic and needs to be respected as such.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Track 7 "Lucille"...............

Little Richard. That's all I can say. Paul McCartney came close with his Russian concert version, but This song is the Holy Grail of Rock Songs. Great Balls of Fire is a close 2nd. And of course, many many sweet guitar licks on this piece. And I'm sure most of you are unaware, but Albert Collins "co-wrote" this song.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Track 6 "Persuaded".....................

A song written by Page Jackson for Bonnie Raite. Page urged me to record it. But when I got a hold of it, I had been wanting to write a Robert Palmer'ish song. So I had this "addicted to love beat in my head when I started recording "Persuaded". Page likes it, so does my wife, so I guess it worked. There are some very very tasty guitar riffs on this song.

I look forward to re-recording it on a later album with Page.

Ace out............

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Track 5 "I fought the Law".........

I had recorded this song for the Hunka Gyrations album. It was written my Sonny Curtis "WHO" also wrote "Rock around with Ollie Vee" which is the first "Bop" song Buddy supposedly played at the Buddy Holly Hayride. I fought the law was covered and became a hit by the Bobby Fuller 4. Then again by the Clash as a New Wave Punk song. When asked which version mine sounds like, I say neither. It sounds a bit like Brian Setzer's Stray cat version. But I do play Bobby Fuller's solo Note for Note (chord for chord).

Friday, August 19, 2005

Track 4 "Save Me".....................

Probably one of the most emotional songs I've ever written. I had just lost my German Shepherd Dog who was my best friend for 9 years. He had stuck with me thru thick and thin. He wasn't suppose to die for another 3 to 4 years. But he came down with a spleenic tumor that broke away, and he just went down. It tore me up. I cried spontaneously for 4 days.

Well about the same time, The whole world was watching a young woman being starved to death on national TV. So if you think of this young girl:

The song will make much more sense. Musically, it's what I've always wanted to write. It just took incredible angst to get it out.

I Love this song more and more every time I hear it.

Ace out...........................

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Track 3 - I need a beer.................

Those are the subconscious words spoken from my lips everyday between 3 and 4 pm. I need a beer, and a shot of (Cabo) Tequila too. My wife helped me write this song. It sort of wrote itself after spending a whole day listening to too much KISS. It's definitely the ultimate happy hour song. I figure I'll release my "Best of Drinking Songs" that I've written. (Thinking single drinking double comes to mind)

Ace out.....................

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Track 2 "Talk Radio"..........

I wrote this song at the end of 2003 while riding Jets between Washington and California. It's a song about the phenomena of Talk Radio. Actually it's nothing but rhyming one-liners from any typical Talk Radio Show:

Thank you Laura for taking my call (That means Laura Ingraham, not Schlessinger)

I'm a long time listener ............(This line is usually followed by "first time caller")

Don't ask how are you cuz we really don't care......... (this is the single biggest waste of time on talk radio. A caller gets on the air then says Hi Rusch, "How ya doing?" Please, don't....

Turn down your radio you're on the air.............. (People always want to hear themselves on the radio and aren't aware of the 5 second delay that's incredibly annoying)

Who's looking out for me, I don't know............... (This is a comment on Bill O'rielly)

I gotta hear it when I'm driving in my car, They'll let you on the air they don't care who you are. (That pretty much says it all)

I wanted to add that the guitar solos on this song represent some of the "tastiest" guitar riffs I've ever written and recorded. It's a cross between Eddie Van Halen's solo on "Jump" and Donald Fagan's "My old school" .

Of all the guitar tracks I've recorded, this one is my favorite.

Ace out...........

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Track 1 Roadrunner......


I recorded Roadrunner because I simply love the song. It was written by Jonathen Richman back in the mid 70's. His version is a typical "new wave/Punk Rock" version of it. Then in 78' Greg Kihn covered it. (excellent version I might add) and I think in 1990 The dark queen of Rock "Joan Jett" did it.

In these versions, they all sing "Massechusettes when it's late at night". When I was covering the song back in the 70's, I always got a kick out of singing the name of the city I was playing in. Sort of a "insert town name here______ when it's late at night". So when I recorded Roadrunner up in Washington, I had to sub "San Francisco" for Massechusettes. And "Oakland" for Cleveland. And in the rap part of the song where they talk about route 186 down by the power lines, I refer to the golden gate bridge. Of course back then they were singing about AM radio and much to XM's pleasure, I recorded "I get my music from my Satellite".

The solo is really good. The dynamics coming out of the riff is sweet. I'm sure Eric Ambel is going to be green with envy on that one (I think Eric recorded on Joan's version).

Anyway it's a great song to start the album out.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Buy American Infidel with PayPal...........

You can buy the hot new album off of my website with your credit card. I'm going thru paypal. It's simple and fun. It's only 10 bucks American no shipping charge (in the US) and a portion goes to homeless US Veterans. It's a win/win scenario.

Ace out...............

Saturday, August 13, 2005

New X-15 Album............

In the next 2 weeks (or sooner) The world will be able to buy "American Infidel". This is a collection of "Power/Punk/Metal/Rock" That I recorded while working on "Hunka Gyrations". This stuff was actually too cool to put on Hunka Gyrations. The good news is, I'll be selling it "CHEAP". From my website it will go for 10.00 and that includes SHIPPING AND HANDLING. You'll be able to use Paypal to pay for it.

10 percent of all the album sales (not profit) will to directly to the California Veterans Assistance Foundation. This is a very cool (low profile) Organization that helps homeless Veterans. Yes there is about 800,000 homeless veterans in our country. The CVAF helps the Veterans in California. It seems that most of the effect help comes from Local organizations.

The album is a good one. It has a couple of tunes from the Hunka album (which I'm sad to say, never got released commercially) I've included "California Sun and Lucille" . I expect to sell many copies of "Infidel". The Album cover sort of says it all. Us Infidels can go to the moon, stamp out polio and cure diseases that use to kill millions ; and we're the bad guys?

Ace out.............

Friday, August 12, 2005

Illegal immigration aka the Invasion.................

OK, let's clear the air. At first thought, a shallow minded person would think; what's wrong with people coming into our country? It was founded by immigrants from Europe.

The 2nd shallow interpretation would be; THEY'RE TAKING OUR JOBS !!!!!!

But once you erase the emotion from the issue and give it some serious thought, the only difference from an invasion and an" influx of undocumented immigrants" is........... well, is none.

And in many cases, some of the illegals coming across our borders are just as heavily armed as an invading army.

This country does have immigration laws. And much to the lefts dismay, many honest law abiding people come into this country legally. To even suggest amnesty for those that have scampered into our country like cockroaches is pure insanity and a slap in the face of those that have obeyed the laws of immigration and come into this country the correct and lawful way. And I have to include President Bush in this list of politicians willing to slap the faces of the lawful immigrants. Had the demorcrats had a halfway legitimate candidate for president instead of that two-faced Imbecile flip flop Kerry, Bush might be spending all the time he wants in Texas. Of course the democrats will love it as it's more for their "hand out" contingency. Why do you think their are so many leftist states like Washington and Oregon (and yes California) that are trying to make it easy for illegals to get drivers licenses? So they can vote. The democrats are trying their hardest to tear apart the fabric that made this country the world power it has become.

Speaking of world powers; nothing can compare to the world dominance that the Roman empire had. But who conquered the Roman Empire?

It crumbled from within.

Such is the same scenario going on in the United States today. Only the word "United" is being actively assaulted by gorillas on the left like Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. Personally, I don't think you should have any say so in how the country is run, unless you've served in the military. Agree to put your life on the line for the freedom of your country, then you can decide what's right for your fellow Americans. Until you've done that, you're just a back seat driver with a loud mouth.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

One loooooong night....................

Well, I spent last night in the Emergency room at Stanford University Hospital. I walk away with this lesson learned: If your dying and only have a few hours to live, let them take you to a University Hospital. (by then you might not have any chance anyway) But if you're not in danger of dying, go to a private hospital. There's something about the mentality of a university hospital employee that's just different from a private hospital employee. They move in University mode where the patients just don't seem real. They just have no compassion or empathy for real pain. It's all just clinical.

I won't go into to the dirty laundry of what sucked at Stanford (since it's my old home) but just keep in mind, go there if you need acute (serious) treatment, go someplace else if not.

A very tired Ace out...........................

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Been busy with Medical stuff........

Sorry for taking Monday off, There has been a medical issue arise in the family that has taken center stage. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

Ace out...........

Monday, August 08, 2005

Minimalism and the Cure....................

What is minimalism? It's the cause of the deteriouration of our country. It's the essence of our country's rapid growing bi-polarity. It's the question:

"What's the least I can do and get by?"

It reflects on our culture's quick fix mentality. Very seldome do we see the ethics of our forefathers that understood the virtue of a brick house. We want it and we want it now. Unfortunately we learn this as children. We learn that we will get our allowance if we clean our room. We fail to appreciate the virtue of cleanliness. In relationships, we have a set of diciplines that we don't cross in order to not offend our mates. Yet we neglect the list of things we could do to make our mates life better.

We go to school to get a passing grade. But do we neglect the learning that is the main reason for attending school? We buy cars for transportation and find it irritating to have to refuel it, do you check the oil? We say we're concerned about our country but do you vote? Has America turned into a point and shoot culture of "Lip Service?"

The answer to minimalism is simple. Ask yourself the question: "What's the most I can do?" Or even better yet; "How can I accomplish the best results for everyone?"

Ace out.....................

Saturday, August 06, 2005

What makes America Great................

Contrary to what many will tell you, what makes America great is NOT freedom. It's not free speech. It's NOT the bill of rights. What makes America great is it's ability to kick Ass. Our ancestors came to this land and kicked Indian Ass. *Note (The Indians - my people- showed what happens to a passive society) The English, got their Asses kicked by us. Hitler got his candy ass kicked by us. Japan got their asses kicked by us thanks to Dr.Oppenheimer. North Vietnam did not get their asses kicked thanks to the gutless leftist politician assholes.

And Saddam's 6th largest army saw itself get it's ass kicked.

Without the ability to kick ass, all the wonderful Ideals in the world will be conquered.

It's all about Ass kicking.

Friday, August 05, 2005


Driving while Italian. I love Italians. But, there really needs to be a law (for the sake of the Italian community) outlawing any Italian to operate a vehicle AND a cell phone at the same time. Wny? What are they using to hold on to the steering wheel? I recently avoided a serious collision with an Italian woman who was using her left hand to hold the phone, and her right hand to talk with. But this isn't to unfamiliar ground as today I saw an Italian guy using both hands to talk with while driving.

Personally I think anything but hands free cell phone communication should be outlawed on the roads.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Dying in style.....................

Let's talk about the eminent. Death. From the day you're born, you take your first step towards death. It's gonna happen. To some it will happen sooner than others. For some that's a good thing, to others, this is all they have.

As I sit in judgment of the woman at Starbucks, (ya, I know I shouldn't) who couldn't possibly have another square inch of empty body mass to put a fat cell, I noticed the smile on her face as she inhaled a blueberry muffin or scone. Ya it's gonna kill her, but how precious the smile on her face. I see the joggers and bicyclist on Foothill expressway. Running to keep their bodies fit. And Jim Fixx comes to mind. Then I think of the subliminal message spoken by Robert Lamm in the Chicago hit "Does anybody really know what time it is". He says "We've all had time enough to die". You could be still born, aborted in the wound or live to be 110. I can't imagine that. Billy Graham the evangelist is making statements like "I'm ready to get out of this body". (God bless him) .

To quote my former drummer and long time friend Claud Kramer: "Life Is Not A Journey To The Grave With The Intention Of ArrivingSafely In A Pretty And Well Preserved Body,But Rather To Skid In Broadside, Thoroughly Used Up, Totally Worn Out, And Loudly Proclaiming: Wow.... What A Ride !!!"

The older I get, the more I agree. But at the same time, I have to agree somewhat with the words of the writer Woodrow Allen. "There are 2 types of people in the world. The horrible and the miserable. The horrible are the people that are born with no legs or blind; then there's everybody else.

Personally, I believe that life is a gift. I don't know how I got it (it may or may not have been my decision) but I'm stuck with it until I blow a blood vessel in my cortex. I don't want to go thru life worrying about things I can't change. I certainly don't want to go thru life miserable. So I try to stay in shape. But not at the cost of getting up at 5 AM to go jogging. But maybe if it means saying no to saturated fats and yes to things like fish and vegitables. Because I'm gonna be dead regardless. I just don't want to be miserable. I want to be able to sit in 1 chair at the theatre or in an airplane. I want to be able to get out of bed by myself. And as much as I was opposed to the state sanctioned killing of Terri Schiavo; I don't want to be kept alive artificially.

Life is a gift. The only thing you take with you to the next place, are your memories. One of my favorite lines from a movie is the prophetic line spoken by tramp as he's wining and dining Lady. He says "Let's start making some memories".

I believe in an after-life. It's been said that for non-believers, this is as close as they'll get to seeing heaven; and for Believers, this is as close as they'll get to hell. So don't take life as serious as you should your future.

Ace out..........

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Angelina, Jennifer, Brad,Ted Carol,Bob and Alice.........

Actually I jest when I refer to an affair with either Angelina or Jennifer. (I couldn't get past Jennifer's chin or Angelina's "blow-up" lips) And I'm quite happy with my current spouse. But what is People magazine's affair with the 3 of them? Is it their publicist doing a knock-down job? If so, this is sick. Sick that America must find it facinating. And is Brad Pitt America's bench mark "pretty boy"? I guess the media doesn't want to touch Tom Cruise with his new world religioius beliefs. Personally I stand with Mel Gibson. Gimme dat ol' time religion anyday.

But when did affairs become such front page fodder? Is there a lack of real talent to write about? But I guess talent is an optional non-requisite anymore. Life in Hollywood's eyes is all about lust and reality TV. Are we such a depressed nation? Back in 1929 during the depression, Hollywood (in it's hayday) kicked out glorious movies where the stars were all dressed like millionares. And the actors could act, and the scripts were original. But America needed the glitz to get their minds off of such a terrible economic time. The movies were the last affordable form of entertainment.

But most movies by today's standards lack creativety, originality or acting skills. Most movies today are a 110 minute beauty pagent with car wrecks and talking dogs. This goes back to an earlier topic I brought up called "The lethargy of a nation". For those of you that are just interested in my metal sound; Lethargy means "stoned" or "unable to respond". In the 30's you had to concentrate on the plot of a movie. Now days most viewers are content with gratuitous butt shotts from various camera angles.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Confessions, Denials and The Wave Magazine........

By now, many of you might have seen a recent editorial printed by the Wave Magazine. In this letter to the editor, one outraged guitarist/singer uses several colorful metaphors (most of which were censored) to express his righteous indignation. Indignant about what? Back in 2003 I sent a video to the Wave in which they responded with great admiration. They went so far as to ask me if I had any high res photos for an article. My photographer and friend, Jules Cisek put together a package on-line for the Wave to use.

The article never materialized. Upon returning from sabbatical in the northwest, I felt it was neccesary to send the Wave my sentiments.


This was done out of frustration.


In the article the Wave Magazine misquoted my letter. They "re-wrote" my text before publishing it. I referred to myself as a "got-damn" republican. They took God's name in vain. I never used this vocabulary. Nor was it a typo on my part. It was an intentional vernacular used to get my point across. (sort of like gosh darn) .

The wave responded in this fashion:

Ace, you got it all wrong, buddy. True, we didn’t do an article on you, but we definitely recognize your shredding prowess. The art and wine festival concert footage you sent us literally set our VCR on fire. Not only have we downloaded the free MP3s from your official website, AceAndres.com, but we also totally follow your blog, aceandres.blogspot.com. Furthermore, we have started to use “Ace” as a synonym for “shred” here in the office. Examples: “Sorry I’m late, but I got so Aced last night on tequila”, “Did you read that news story about the kid whose face got Aced by that pit bull?” or “Hey, could someone call the repairman? The paper Acer is busted again.”


I sent an email to the editor of the Wave apolozing for the inappropriate language I used. I recieved a response from the editor who still says he intends to do the article.

DENIAL: I'm holding my breath.


Perhaps the Wave Magazine would be more interested in my alleged concurrent on-going affairs with both Jennifer Anniston AND Angelina Jolie at the same time. Ya think?

Ace out...........................

Monday, August 01, 2005

Oh ye' of little faith..............

I remember back in the day when I was a tour guide in San Francisco. I use to drive a Van once a week filled with visitors from Nevada (it's a whole nother story) And I would show them the sites.

I remember vivdly the mindset or attitude I had when going to fisherman's wharf. I KNEW I would get a great parking spot everytime. My logic was, it's just as hard to find a bad parking space as it is a good one, so I always looked for good ones. about 90 percent of the time, I got a great parking space. It didn't dawn on me till later that, what I was experiencing was the power of faith. Jesus often said in the Bible, "Oh ye of little faith". When the diciples couldn't cast out a demon, Jesus replied, "It's because your faith is small". (I'm paraphrasining) Then he preceeded to talk about having faith the size of a mustard seed. (a minute seed) that could cause a mountain to up and move into the ocean.

We operate our daily lives on faith and don't even know it. When you drive down the road, what gives you the courage to drive in the opposite direction of on coming traffic without fear of the other person swerving into your lane and killing you in a head on collision? What allows you to eat in a public restaurant without fear that your food was dropped on the floor outside the restroom door? What let's you get on an airplane without fear of ending up in a ball of flames?


But what about the faith that moves mountains? That's another story. We have faith in other drivers because we know they are as concerned about a head on collision as you are. We know that air travel is still (statistically) the safest form of transportation. Still there is a risk. But you have faith in "the other driver" or "The pilot".

What about the faith Jesus was talking about? There is little dispute that the miracles recorded in the 4 Gospels happened. I can say without hesitation that my attitude found me those great parking spaces. There's an old saying, "positive things happen to positive people" . And I think this is attributed to a belief in faith. Faith is knowing the desired result will happen. Not hoping or wishing. Knowing. Knowing without logic or evedence is faith. Does faith require a relationship with God? It helps, but I think even demons understand the concept of faith. Peter walked on water until he questioned his faith, then he started sinking in the water.

Faith is confidence without logic or reason to insure it's result. Faith is the key to success. For when you exhibit faith, you conceed that your destiny is in the hands of something much much bigger and far greater. Faith is like a secret weapon. Great things happen to people that expect great things. As Snoopy use to say in the peanuts cartoon "If you expect nothing you get nothing". But............ If you've done your homework, expect greatness. Not failure or even worse mediocrity. Most of us want to slip thru life with no challenges. Most of us are victims of "minimalism". What's the least I can do and still get paid? What's the least I can do and still pass the class? What's the least I can do and still get along? Very rarely do we see an indivdual that does the most he/she can do, just for the sake of doing something right. Do the right thing and expect great things to result from it. They will. Faith is knowing that God wants the best for your life and expecting nothing less as a substitute.

Show faith. It will change your life.

Ace out....................................