Monday, September 29, 2008


Soon you'll be able to listen to parts of the Album in a collage of Video and Audio. I'm working on a video that starts with "I know a secret", then "Ho Oponopono", "Rocket of Desire-Attitude of Gratitude", "I know Like I know like I know" ending with "The Thinking Stuff".

I felt it was better than loading up incomplete MP3's for you to listen to. This way you get a little visual stumulation as well.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

7 SECRET VIBRATIONS taking pre-orders

Pre-order your copy of 7 Secret Vibrations if you're into the Law of Attraction or the SECRET. It's only 14.00 plus Shipping and Handling.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Dick Dale is one of my greatest guitar Heroes. Dick and I talked for about 2 hours once out in the desert of 29 Palms California where he lives. Dick is an awesome guy.

Currently Dick is fighting Colorectal Cancer. He's had surgery to remove the tumor and has gone through massive amounts of Radiation and chemo therapy.

The doctors are letting him heal and strengthen so he can forgo more sugery.

If you get a chance. Send him an Email:

Ace Out.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Artist who made me who I am today #3 RICK DERRINGER

HE was Johnny Winter for the middle of the road rocker. Truly one of the virtuoso Rockers of our time.

I always Identified with Rick Derringer because I looked like him. Then for years I played a BC Rick like Rick. Most of Rick's riffs, I believe he got from Johnny. Johnny however;plays with a thumb and finger picks. Rick plays with just a regular pick. When I was still playing drums, the guitarist I was playing with came to rehearsal one night and raved about this short sucker that blew his socks off.

A few months later All American Boy came out. Still one of what I feel is one of the top 5 guitar albums of all-time. It's up there with "Bridge of Sigh" by Robin Trower, "Surfing with the Alien" by Joe Satriani, "Are you Experienced" by Jimi, "August" by EC and 5150 by Van Halen.

Unfortunately, Dick Dale was not hip when ALBUMS were the thing or he would be in this list.

I was fortunate enough to meet and become friends with Rick. Some things I can't talk about. Some things I'm proud to talk about. For example how we both found Christ.

If you've never seen or heard of Rick Here's some vintage Derringer.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The New Album is at duplication now.

We will be selling the new album on 10.18.08. It's like nothing that's ever been recorded before.

More on the new album as we get near the release date.

Ace out....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Musicians that Made me who I am Part II


I was raised to be a musician. My parents were night club owners. My father was a Chef, who formerly worked as the executive chef at Harrah's Casino in Lake Tahoe.

He also liked to feed the ponies. So one night in 1965 or 66, we were at the San Joaquin county fair and my father was working on the daily double while I had run out of spending cash. Our routine was to rendezvous at the stage after the races. We knew where this was as I use to perform on this stage as did all my siblings.

One night in particular, after the "hula dancers" and "Jugglers" there was this band that came out. Now normally it wasn't uncommon for somebody from "Lawrence Welk" to come and perform. But this band was cool. They had long hair (for the 60's) and a female singing lead. They sang a bunch of stuff I didn't recognize, then right at the end they played "You were on my mind".

HEY, I KNOW THAT SONG. I hear that one one the radio. They were the first Top 10 band I ever saw up close in concert. I'll never forget, the lead guitarist wore a Buck Owens/Abbie Hoffman American Flag shirt.

I was a drummer up to this point. I went home that night and started playing my brother's guitar.

Ace out


LOL, The Democrats are frightened. They hacked into a Hockey Mom's personal email. lol. Gee, Here Barack, She picks up her kids on M-W-F at 6.


Goodbye Obama, (khadaffy duck's "Muslim brother)


Musicians that Made me who I am.


Many of you know that I was a drummer before I picked up my brothers POS electric guitar. Being a drummer, I was in Love with a Band called THE DAVE CLARK 5. Man I loved the emotions in Dave's face as he was beating on that set.

But when I first picked up the guitar, seriously, it was just after Woodstock. By best friend had bought the album Woodstock AND "JOHN B. SEBASTIAN. John was one of the founders of the "Lovin Spoonful". But John's layed back (more country than Hippie) sound captured my attention at 15 and I learned how to play chords to half the songs on the JBS album.

And as I've told John; the first songs I ever performed live on guitar in front of about 50 people were "I had a Dream", "The Room Nobody Lived in", "Magical Connections", "Rainbows all over your Blues", "How have you been" and "You're a big boy now".

It's funny, I hadn't heard any of my old Sebastian Albums since turn tables went into cardboard boxes; so I bought, JBS, The four of us, and Real LIve JBS on CD.

Incredibly, I knew all the words of every song on all 3 albums.

Here's a little John on Video from the Woodstock era. (*one of my personal favorites)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Words of Wisdom for 9.15.2008

Sometimes LESS is MORE.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


After showing how wrong it is to elect Obama president; I have decided that after the last blog post, nothing else is needed to convince the reader that Obama is no more than a thug sizing up or "scoping out" this country. When terrorists like olmar Ghadaffi are campaigning for his "Black Muslim Brother". Why else should I continue to waste bandwidth on this American Hating muslim?

I want positive news in my life. I will talk about the new Sarah Palin Doll. And the new Sarah Palin "Thong" WOW. Ya gotta love it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gaddaffi Campaigns for Obama his "Muslim Brother"

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obama's Muslim Faith?



Monday, September 08, 2008

"Extreme intense confidence and the Great Unknown"

"Like Sleepy Floyd scoring 34 in the Zone"

A verse from my new album. Who was Sleepy Floyd? Eric "Sleepy" Floyd was a point guard that rarely scored 20 in a game. In 1987 during the 4th game of the playoffs, Floyd went into what sports Psychologist would call "a Zone". Sleepy woke up at the end of the 3 quarter and scored 5 unanswered points. Then in the 4th, set a playoff record scoring 29 points. He scored 51 for the whole game, but 34 once he entered "The Zone".

LOL Woody tries to get into the Zone around 4:30

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ya gotta love the lies, or you'll go crazy.

The Audacity of Hate

Saturday, September 06, 2008

12,000 miniature American flags Tossed in the Garbage at Denver by Obamatons

Denver Boy Scouts (God bless them) and VFW and American Legions recovered 12,000 miniature American Flags given to "Obama" supporters for a "Patriotic" ambiance at invesco field August 28th. Apparently your average Obama supporter has no time for a souvenir of the American flag and dump them in Garbage cans with black liners.

The BSA, one of few organizations that still respect "Old Glory" rescued the discarded memories from the garbage and gave them to the McCain Campaign who just happen to be in town this weekend for a campaign speech.

Democrats are claiming that Republicans "Stole" the flags to make Democrats look bad. lol Ya right. Just like the flag that Obama refuses to wear on his lapel. Perhaps if they were Che Guevara Cuban flags like the one in the Obama Houston office they would have received more respect.

Some of the best Quotes in Politics

10. "You will no longer have Dick Nixon to kick around any longer" Nixon losing CA governor race to Barry Goldwater.
09. "I will" Nixon accepting the presidency of the United States in 1968.
08. "My congressional experience is equal to that of John F. Kennedy" Dan Quayle former Vice president during the VP debates 1988.
07. "Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy," Loyd Bentsen, ex-Vice presidential candidate.
06. "Barack Obama is a Joke. This is a damn Fairy tale." Former President W.J.Clinton on primary candidate Barack Hussein Obama during the Democrat primaries.2008
05. "I still Believe Barack Obama does not have the experience to be President. Joe Biden, not yet then V.P. candidate 2008
04. "Barack Obama is ready to Lead now" Both Joe Biden and Bill Clinton at the DNCC 2008.
03. "Have you been into Whole Foods lately? Have you seen the price of Arugula?" ~Obama speaking to Ohio farmers in 2008 (note, there are no Whole foods in Ohio nor is Arugula grown in Ohio)
02. "Ich bin Ein Berliner" (I am a person of Berlin)~ John Kennedy
01. "Ich bin Ein Beginner" (cartoonist Michael Ramirez) On Obama in Berlin 2008

Monday, September 01, 2008

An Obama Kind of Love ~ RIP

I took down the Video "An Obama kind of love". I only wanted to see how many hits it would get before:

A. YouTube removed it
B. I got sued by The Reverend Horton Heat
C. The Views tapered off.

The hits started tapering off yesterday. But not before 2,301 people clicked on it. It was a 3 star video, pretty good considering all of the pro-Osama rhetoric going around. Then again, this does appeal to Osama homosexual supporters.

As most of you know, I think Obama is a hack and doesn't deserve the brain wave process. So I took it down (voluntarily) today.

2,301 hits in one week. Not bad eh?

I would rather make Videos about John and Sarah than waste more bandwidth on a Black Jimmy Carter.