Saturday, November 20, 2010

Life is a collection of scary YouTube videos.

I was going to make a YouTube video of a re-creation of my memories of my mom driving off with another man while leaving me on the side walk alone. It's not one of my more proud moments, but nonetheless it's there in the back (sometimes front) of my mind. And like YouTube, I can't erase it.

In real life, there are certain triggers like this that set off an emotional chain reaction.

Ya I was that little kid watching his parent drive off. But in my case it was my mom leaving with another man.

I know we all have our own mental YouTube videos that we can't erase or keep from playing.

Why is it that the painful Videos seem to outweigh the happy videos. I have to really stop and think about the happy ones. But the painful ones seem to come knocking on my conscious mind's door. Before you know it, the 10 second commercial has passed and you're reliving something really hurtful like something that was said in an ugly divorce. May it's rejection from someone you totally love. (You walk away saying,"Well at least I know what it's like to give love".

I guess if our painful memories were really YouTube Videos that popped up and started playing, before long we would just hit the close button as if we were sending something to the Norton Spam folder.

But with anything in life, it all depends on your emotional bank account. Listen to this, Sociologist claim that we want to watch the video because the pain that it invokes keeps the relationship alive. In a way, it keeps the abandoning parent alive. It keeps the rejecting mate "fresh". In a self-destructive sort of way, we want to hold on to every last memory good or bad.

It's just how it works. Don't ask me for answers. I spend nights going through my emotional play lists.

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's hard to blog with one eye ;- (

Friends and Fans, please bare with me. I had my right eye operated on at the end of October (they removed some scar tissue from the inside of my eye) so I can really only see out of one eye. This makes it really hard to blog. Knowing ahead of time that I was going to be visually impaired, I uploaded some sermons in advance at my cyber church. The Cafe on the other hand, has been semi-neglected as it's just really hard to write when you can't see what you're writing.

I'm back on that awful facebook. It seems Facebook has become as essential as a cell phone in the year 2010. (both pains in the butt)

But if you know me, you know that my Idea of success is to be able to live and go anywhere without keys or a wallet. I know, it sounds like the indigents down by the tracks. But think of it, if you could go anywhere you wanted and didn't need keys or a wallet.

Obviously, you would need a driver or some sort of transportation. Your house would have security so you wouldn't need keys. You would carry cash for purchases. Never charge anything.