Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ace's Top Five All-time Favorite Songs

My Top 5 Favorite Lyrics of All time

#5. September Song - Written by Maxwell Anderson 1938
#4. Heart of the Matter - Don Henely, J.D. Souther, Mike Campbell 1990
#3. In My Life - John Lennon (Lennon/McCartney)1965
#2. Indian Love Call - Rudolf Friml and Herbert Stothart 1924
[insert drum roll]
#1 StarDust - Hoagy Carmichael 1927

Hoagy Carmichael, Perhaps not the greatest song writer in history, but in my mind; the writer of the greatest song in history. In a BMI poll of Song Writers, this song was #1 on the list of songs that writers wished THEY had written.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ace Andres Invented The Saki Maki Burger

If you like it leave a comment for the executives at Food Network.

Friday, January 22, 2010

One of the Beauties of Growing Old

Last night I was working on a new video project using my new big screen Monitor. This monitor functions best somewhere in the 1600 X 900 range. The video program I have is ancient by technology time.(2005) so it wasn't truly compatable with my new montitor.

So I tinkered with the compatable properties to try and get the whole window on my screen. (It had cut off the bottom of the program)

So I hit a box that ran the program in a lesser resolution. (I think I was tired) And it put me into a black screen with a white window saying : "Insuffiecient Video signal - Change settings to 1600 X 900" Only problem was, I had no access to my desk top.

After rebooting about 8 times with no success (even by screwing with the F1 Bios scree) I decided to undo all the crap I had done post mistake; turn off the monitor, and go to bed.

I had notice that my computer's activity light was working the whole time I was trying to fix it.

In the morning, I turned on my monitor and everything was back to normal.

The older you get, the sooner you become aware of your limits. I figured the system was trying to correct it'self. So I left it alone.

I might not be able to 60 sit-ups in a minute anymore, but I know when to walk away.


Monday, January 18, 2010

If Dr.Martin Luther King were Alive Today

He would preach about the great disappointment of the election of the first African American President. He would admonish BHO for his broken promises, straight forward lies and lack of attempt to stop the media's use of "the race card" to silence opponents. Dr. King preached on judging people by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.

BHO has welcomed the support of far left zealots that cry "RACISM" when the American pulic cries about Massive unsustainable spending and one sided taxation.

Dr.King would condemn the Senators and Congress for not DOING THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

Dr.King would have been proud of the Millions of Tea partiers that marched Peacefully on capital hill in September of 2009, and LEFT IT CLEAN. Unlike the Anuaguaration crowd that left a pile of feces and KFC buckets that cost 250,000 t0 clean up. That would have made Dr.King cry.

Dr.King gave his life so Black Skinned Americans could have equal rights in a country that use to call them property. And to see the first product of this liberation become one of the most corrupt presidents in the history of our nation has to set equality back 40 years in this country.

On this day I feel Barack Hussein Obama should apologize to Dr.King and his family as well as all of the soldiers of the civil war that died to end slavery. What Obama is bringing America is a new form of Slavery. Some call it "Plantation politics". Black Americans are quick to see that the David Sterns and Wayne Rathkes of SEIU and ACORN have worked so hard for the democrats to set up a socialist agenda. This is evident in the Black woman who was filmed saying:"If I vote for Obama, I'll never have to worry about money again".


Benjamin Franklin said:"Anyone that would trade their freedom for security deserves neither".

Martin Luther King would be a Tea Party leader if he were alive today.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama corruption makes Nixon look like an altar boy

Oddly enough; I believe the press owes former President Richard Nixon an apology. The corruption in the Nixon Administration pales in comparison to the current administration's Castro like take over of our country. The Nixon tapes have nothing on Obama's Kenyan birth certificate. The Nixon enemy list looks like my Christmas card list compared to Obama's list of Organizations including but not limited to: Fox news, the Chamber of Commerce, and of course those who "acted stupidly" in the Cambridge Police Department. Nixon promised to get us out of Vietnam and did. Obama promised.....

Sunday, January 03, 2010

We The People Speak

Happy New Year 2010

I remember the movie 2010. We were suppose to meet aliens in space. I think they met us back in 1947. (Kevin Arnold)

What's in store for 2010? Republicans will be busy with their take over of congress AND The Senate. Hopefully they can undo the unconstitutional damage that Buckwheat had done in 11 months. They have their work ahead of them.

The X-15's have 3 prjects:

One recording for a popular T.V. show.

A 5th Album release

And a Christmas Album.

That's all.

Happy New Year everyone !

Ace out.....