Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back on the Market, 1 day left.........

I'll be so glad when this guitar is sold. I've had it 24 years so parting with it is like seeing your kid off to war, or college. I decided to finally sell it in hopes of a "Collector" buying it. Which is why I re-listed it for $9,000 .

You wouldn't believe the idiot emails I've been getting from just ignorant ebayers. They don't realize that the reason I jacked up the price was to keep this guitar from going to them. I tried to explain to my wife Corrine just how rare this guitar is. It's easier to find a split window corvette. It's sort of like finding a "Honus Wagner" rookie card. I believe there are only 9 of them in existence. Well, there are only 30 of these guitars that were ever made. Mine is the highest number that Neal Moser, the designer, says he's come across. YOu just can't get them anywhere.

With 59 les Pauls and Nashvilles going for 12,000. This is a bargain. I just hope it goes to a good home.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Off the Market.................

I took #25 off of EBAY. I can't explain exactly why, but maybe sometimes, things are more important than money. I've had this guitar longer than I was in my fisrt marriage. It's always been there.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

#25's previous owner

Recently saw his guitar on EBAY. He emailed me to inform me that this guitar was a "backup" guitar for Joe Perry from Aerosmith.

It's a small world aint it?

Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm Selling # 25

Friday, April 21, 2006 part II

Just wanted yall to know that YOu can download for free

1. A T A (Terry Anderson) Song

2. Persuaded written by Page Jackson

3. Save Me The song I wrote for Terri Schiavo.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

MY Space dot com.................

It was going to happen sooner or later:

My Space X-15 site

It's sort of the next wave on on the net. (or I've got way to much time on my hands) Terry Anderson first told me about then I started hearing about it everywhere, including the Mercury News (San Jose) and my favorite rag, THE WAVE Magazine.

I guess it's kinda like a popularity contest for anyone with a computer. But Bands can get discovered and so can the next britney spears.

Anyway, I stuck a few of my songs up on my "Band" site, and answered some personal questions. Have fun. Start your own page.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What a Pleasure......................

It was that I had today meeting Art Wiggs, the owner, proprietor and Luthier of Wings Guitar Products. This womderful gentleman is going to make me a guitar one of these days. He apparently hand makes guitars for the Gretsch Company here in America. He's also gone to Japan to supervice the QC of guitars made in Gretsch's oversea plant. He's freinds with Brian Setzer, Fred Gretsch, Andy Kramer, you name em, he's probably met them and built or fixed a guitar for them.

Art helped me out by selling me som "vintage Gold knobs" for my new 6120 Gretsch. It's a "Brian Setzer" signature model, of which I'm in the process of converting it to an "Ace Andres" signature model. So I had to replace the dice Brian uses for knobs, and the good people at "first place" in Sunnyvale, are engraving a shiny new truss rod cover plate that will read "Ace Andres Model" . And If I"m lucky, I'll find a Nashville pickguard on ebay that will fit my setzer/Andres model. Art says their really hard to find ones that fit. As they are all different sizes. I had a great talk with Art. Met his grand children, that are ever so polite.

It was a good day.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Mr.Bush Where Are You.............

Iran is funding Hezbulluh to kill westerners to the tune of 50 million. 25 Million illegal aliens have invaded our country. We are in debt to China.

Show your face Mr.Bush. Your constituents want to know what you've got up your sleeve.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter All and Sunday Morning Sermon...........

Corrine and I had our usual Easter traditional dinner. Lloyd's Baby back bar-B-Qued Ribs, San Francisco Potato Salad, and sweet kernneled corn. yuummmmmmmmmmmm. This tradition goes back about 10 years or so. When I was raising my yongest son Kyle by myself, we use to have the traditional Turkey at Thanksgiving and a Ham at Christmas. Then usually a Ham at Easter. So one year, I think it was 97 or 98 I asked Kyle what he wanted instead of Ham, cuz I was sick of the usual Ham Easter and Ham Christmas. We both decided on BarBQued Ribs. So we eat Ribs 3 times a year. On Christmas, Easter and My Birthday. Thanksgiving is still a Turkey, (gotta be) and New Years Day we do sort of a soul food/German thing. The Germans believe Kraut will bring you good luck. Of course the soulfood menue says green leafy veggies brings green leafy currency. So our typical New Years Day meal consists of Hebrew Kosher dinner Franks, with Kraut. Black eye Peas, and Collard greens. Personally the collards are my favorite. You can also do the breaded cut Okra, but leafy is better.

Anyways, Happy Easter All. REmember it's not about the Chocolate Bunny Rabbit. It's about your Savior that hung on a cross with spikes driven thru his hands and feet. All this after being scorged by cat-o-9 tails. (if you don't know what I'm talking about, rent "The Passion of the Christ") But eat first.

Our Church, the Church of Christ, had it's usual Sunday morning sermon. I think the topic this morning was about living a public Christian Life. The Church was it's usual half full occupancy. You see we don't do the rock band/choir/child care thing that attracts the person that really doesn't want to know Christ. We are a grass roots 1st century Church. There's plenty of Churchs that have named their buildings after people other than God or Christ where you can go to catch the "Bunny" show. (eg, Lutherans, Baptists,Presbyterians,Calvin etc......) John the Baptist did not die for your sins.

As for Easter and the Resurrection? We honor Christ every Sunday with the Lord's supper. Acts 20:7 "And on the first day of the week when we gathered together to break bread..........." You see the resurrection of Christ is the most important thing that's ever happened to Mankind. So we acknowledge it every Sunday. Not just in April. I think Target summed up the average person's viewpoint of Easter. "It's All About Bunny Business" That's their Easter Slogan. lol.......

Anyways, the ribs were good. The morning service was great as usual. I look forward to the evening service. Hope to see you there.

Church of Christ Rembrandt Road in Sunnyvale California


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Little China..................

Sometimes I feel like I live in "Little China". I actually live in the heart of Silicon Valley in the South San Francisco Bay Area. To the east of me is San Jose. Driving along downtown San Jose is much like driving in Ensenada or Mexico City. I guess you can call that little Mexico. Across the Bay in Oakland the ethnic make up is and has been for about 20 years 65 per cent black. Little Africa. In Fremont California, the 2000 census says that Fremont has the 3rd largest Indian population outside of Bombay and New Delhi. Little India. It's also the largest Persian population in California.

So the neighborhood I live in is a very clean Asian Neighborhood. To the south it becomes Vietnamese. The closer you get to my area, it becomes Korean. Just west of here it's definately little China.

I've walked around little Africa, Little Mexico and Little India. I feel safest here in little China. Too bad I can't afford little western Europe.

Friday, April 14, 2006

My Former Boss to Testify in front of Grand Jury......

I use to assist Art Ting in Surgery. Art is Barry Bonds' personal surgeon. This could be considered by some "a curse". But Art was subpenaed by the Grand Jury to appear. I would assume they are going to inquire as to why Mr.Bonds took a year to recover from an infection. It's going to be interesting because of the doctor/patient privelidge. But for those of you that avidly read my musings, you remember back in February I wrote about the Operating room at the Fremont Surgery center being cultured and found "normal flora". ie, no germs. So something was effecting this pateint's immune system. I read in Yahoo sports that Bonds' ex-mistress is going to testify that she told her that he "knowingly" had been taking steroids since 1998. This equal perjury. She also mentioned that she recieved money that Bonds got from autograph signing at card shows which was not reported to the IRS.

Barry, you reap what you sow. I reccomend that you give your life to Jesus and pray for the best.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

In God We Trust........

Our money says it. When we testify in court, we swear on a bible so help me God. Our country was founded on Christian Judeal ethics. The framers of our constitution wanted to garuntee us freedome OF religion. Not freedom from religion. Some where along the line the inmates took control of the prison and the chimpanzees started running the zoo.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cell Phone Ettiquettes

Love them and Hate them. This morning I was fortunate enough to witness a classic cell phone fight in public. A "Yuppie" was making business plans in his "Louder than normal" cell phone voice, while the "breakfast club" (4 old geezers) were enjoying their cresammiches. This business guy was completely unaware nor concerned for the groups causal relaxing conversation. That was until the eldest started yelling at the yuppie. "Hey why don't you take your phone and tie and go to the back of the restaurant"? The yuppie (who was strolling the dinning area) responded "You don't own this establishment". Then the two parties exchanged "insensitiveties" with one another til the yuppie aquiesed and went to the back of the restaurant and continued in a lower tone of voice.

Let me ask you a question. Who was right and who was wrong? Let me say that personally, when I get a cell call in a restaurant, I excuse myself and go outside. But I wonder why I do that?

From the caller's standpoint, He's engaged in a conversation. Just as anyone else in the restaurant. I think the issues that arise are that cell phone "talkers" lose awareness of their vocal level and speak in an annoyingly loud level. But still, one's right to a conversation on the phone should be no different from one's right to a conversation with a human sitting across from them. Personally, I find nothing more annoying than being stuck at a table next to a pack of pubescent girls.

From the annoyed viewpoint, I can feel the emotional perception of rudeness. But we're living in a culture that talks with it's mouth full of food, allows men to where their baseball caps indoors, and are lucky to see someone cover their face when they cough or sneeze. I get annoyed when someone is talking loudly next to me whether they are on their cell or talking to their fellow pimple faced girlfriend. It's annoying. It's actually rude when the person is walking with their phone in their ear and have a whole restaurant where they could be standing that would not annoy others.

I praise establishments that have signs at the entrance demanding that all cell phones be turned off before entering.

But what if the person on the phone is speaking in a normal tone of voice, but happens to be seated next to you? I was at a MLB game once and was talking in Seattle to a friend watching the game in Los Angeles. I was speaking in a very soft tone of voice and it still annoyed the person I was sitting next to. Who was right? I ended my conversation because I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and the call wasn't that important. But did I cave in when I shouldn't have?

As for cell phones and cars; Don't get me started. JUST OUTLAW THEM.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

BICH # 25

I was selling some of my SHTUFF on EBAY that I never play. Just sold
my back-up Wolfgang (the Ivory one) and I was going to sell my old
B.C.Rich BICH . I knew it was old because I bought it in 1981. And
I bought it used then. So as I was about to do the usual fact
gathering stuff to put this babe on EBAY, the first thing I did was
checked the head stock for a serial #.

All it said was bich 25 .

So I emailed BC Rich to find out WTF? I actually got an email from
Neal Moser the original designer for BC RICH who said:

I designed the Bich in September 77. The first batch was started in
October. I believe there were 30 or 40 built in the first run. This
is the highest number yet to be located, so I believe there were at
least 30. They were built between October and December so they would
be ready for introduction at the Jan 78 NAMM. So, you own Bich #25.
The second run was numbered our traditional way with the 5 digit
numbering system.

So I guess it's a historical piece and I'd probably never get what
it's worth. Anyway, just a reminder, if you have a bunch of gutars
in your collection (I think I have 23 or 24) Check the serials on the
used ones. Ya never know, ya know?


Monday, April 10, 2006


EXXON and MOBILE are the 2 largest oil companies in America. If AMerica Boycotts their gas, they'll have to lower their price. If they lowere their prices, the competition will have to follow. This plan will work.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday Sermon..... The courage to forgive

To be forgiven; we must learn to forgive those who have wronged us. End of Story!

In the book of Matthew Jesus tells a parable (or story) of a slave that owed the amount of 10,000 talents to his master. A talent translates into today economy to be about 2 thousand dollars. So 10,000 times 2000.00 equals about 20 million bucks.
(what a great line of credit) But the servant gets on his knees and pleads with his master not to sell his family into slavery. The master has a heart and fogives him of his debt. (he skates on a 20M debt)

The first thing this slave does is he goes out and finds a fellow slave that owed him money. He owed him 100 denarii. (equivalent to about 20 bucks) His fellow slave thru himself on the ground and begged for forgiveness and pleaded for mercy, saying he would repay his debt. (sound familiar) But the slave would not hear it and had his debtor thrown in prison until he paid off the debt. When word got back to his lord, He was filled with anger and handed the wicked slave over to the torturers.

When you think about the price of salvation and compare it to the wrongs we've been dealt, you see the injustice. 20M vs. 20 bucks. This life is short, and if you have certain people in your own personal prison of unforgiveness, you only keep yourself from true righteousness.

So to all my outstanding offenders that haven't come to me asking for forgiveness, I forgive you. All the people from my ex-wife that did the most hanous things to me, to co-workers and bosses that stabbed me in the back for political gain, to envious musicians that speak falsly of me, and to those who actually robbed me and stole my personal possesions; I forgive you. And though your issue is no longer my concern, you now have God to deal with.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


This guitar plays like no other guitar I've ever owned.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The WAVE MAGAZINE (take 2)...............

The Wave Magazine is at it again. Check out their endorsement of this Stratocaster guitar. CLICK HERE

Monday, April 03, 2006

Talented Jack-asses..............

I was listening to Harry Belafonte today and couldn't help but love his song, "Jump in d' line" "Shake, Shake, Shake Sanora, Shake your body line" . I love that song. But Harry Belafonte has become this terrible anti-America Jack-ass. Do I now have to dislike the song? No. But it makes me uneasy. Just like that little creep Sean Penn. Boy how I'd like to kick his ass. But he's really a good actor. I'm a huge M*A*S*H fan . (most of you know that I was a medic in the war) Inspite of what an Idiot that bleeding heart liberal B.J. Honeycutt (Mike Farrell) turned out to be.

But what do you do? I know personally, I don't confuse their politics with their art. There are liberals in the music Industry that do treat me with a certain amount of disrespect because I'm not a liberal, pot smoking, anti-american, Bush hating bedwetter like they are. Yes you know who you are.

It's wrong. NObody hates liberals more than I do. But that doesn't mean that I hate the person or their work. It's like Jesus and His love for Sinners. He HATES the Sin but loves the Sinner. Same here.

It almost reminds me of Barry Bonds. Voted by his peers as the most hated athelete. Actually he was a runner up to Terrell Owens, but we'll cut Owens some slack because of the age difference and the Steroid issue. In this case, the scandal has made the person. Therefor, I find it hard to find respect for Barry Bonds. Especially after he stood by and accepted the praise from his god-father Willie Mayes and even Hank Aaron, then shoved the anabolic knife in their backs.

I think my good buddy Terry Anderson who's sort of liberal but (I think he's a neo-con that doesn't know it)He wrote a song with NBRQ guitarist Al (no relations)Anderson called "Stay away from your Heroes" (They'll only let you down) . This is so true. With the exception of Dick Dale and Neil Young, most of my Musical heroes are not the kind of people I would want to go on a cruise with. And by the same token, is it fair to put expectations on people that you admire? The stories I've heard about Chuck Berry seem to make Michael Jackson seem like an altar boy. The other living guitar hero I referrence would be Eddie. And even Valerie said she loves him but he just has problems. (Jimi being the 3rd) .

When it comes to political endorsements, I really don't give a rat's ass about what Danny Glover, Joan Baez or Mike Farrel say. Should one of them become the next Ronald Reagan (ya right) then I'll listen. Until then, it's just 2nd rate grandstanding. To quote one of my favortie Political Rock personalities, the late Joey Ramone, "We could have won the war in Vietnam had it not been for a**holes like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Sermon - First to Worst.......

When comparing decades, I like to think that morally we went from out finest decade, the 1950's to our worst, the 1960's.

In the 50's, America was a shining example of victory. We had driven back not only the Japanese in the Pacific; but we had conquered Berlin in Europe. The industrial revolution was in full swing. With the exception of a minor skermish in Korea, our country was focused on a superior "future". The X-15 program sent a man to the edge of space. The Mercury program was preparing to put a man in "outter space".

ON the home front, a square glass fronted box would change the world. Desi loved Lucy. In 1956 A country boy from Missisippi would wander into Sam Phillips' Memphis recording studio and change the way kids listened to music forever. This southern boy would encourage other young artists such as Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochrane, and all of the followers at Sun Records. It was Sam Phillips in 1953 that first integrated our country by recording and introducing Black blues artists to young white listeners. Les Paul made a guitar. Willie Mayes made a catch. Bobby Thompson made a hit.

In Detroit GM was making Chevy's. They were big beautiful cruising machines in seafoam green. People were vastly populating California. Lamps were made to look like satellites. People had either wagon wheel lamps or Siamese cat lamps on their T.V. sets so they wouldn't ruin their eyes. Gas was about 10 cents a gallon. Life was good.

In the 60's, we started the decade off by being drug into worthless civil war in southeast Asia. Freedom of speech was not only trounced on, but spit on as well. Politicians came up with an Idea called "welfare". The government tried to work out the social differences between white and black America. That's like letting the government decorate your house. Many young Americans were introduced to mind altaring drugs. Drugs that would lead to the "counter-culture". A culture of Anarchy. A culture of cowards that refused to fight for their country and spit on those that did. A culture that confronted and rejected God. A culture that coined and practiced the term "If it feels good do it". A culture that would age and form the socialist democrat party. Even worse, they would have kids that would have kids. Literally. They would be parents simply by default. This culture would find a liberal judge that would rule that a woman could kill her unborn child. This culture would see professers in our universities claim communism as their political party. This culture would not condemn permiscuous sex. Within years the HIV virus would begin to spread. STD's would become resistent to 1st and 2nd line antibiotics.

Worst of all, this decade would be known as the "death of innocense". America in essence, "jumped the shark". It will mark the starting point of the decline of a great nation. Thoughout history, every great world power was eventually conquered. The greatest met their demise from within. The Roman empire by almost any standard would be considered amongst the most successful world powers. And no army would ever defeat it. It crumbled from within. The Soviet Union, once the only real threat to America's security went bankrupt trying to compete in the arms race with President Ronald Reagan.

The seeds of our demise were planted by the counter-culture of the 1960's. It will take a major epiphany to turn this country around if it is at all possible. The problem is, very few Americans are aware of the seeds of it's failure. The Islamic state isn't. The few Independent conservatives that have left the republican party clearly see the inherent demise coming. If America can purge it's political system of the 1960's radical liberals from Feinstein to Kennedy, perhaps a new breed of concern can emerge and take control.

Otherwise I would brush up on your cantonese.