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Obama's Latest Executive Order


Never Joke about Being Crazy

The David Sarti Story

It was the 7th of February 2012, season one, episode two of National Geographic’s DOOMSDAY PREPPERS show.  The show is "almost" a parody of those who are “Prepping” or preparing for a crisis in America.  (Gee I don’t know why this show is so popular.  Maybe it’s because our once great country is going to hell in a hand basket)?


In season one of DOOMSDAY PREPPERS (DDP) the format presented three scenarios and how people were preparing for a national/regional crisis.  The most popular being “The crash of American currency due to the irresponsible printing of Billions of dollars in monopoly (Fiat) money by the U.S. every year since the current idiot has been in the white house”.(Fiat is Latin for "it shall be").  Other concerns include but are not limited to: The Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP)either from a solar flare or a manmade terrorist explosion of a nuclear device in the stratosphere, the outbreak of a pandemic virus, a Super Volcano, a Mega Earthquake, killer Zombies and the tyrannical communist take over by force of our country by a government which has proven its’ self to be anything but trustworthy just to name a few.

Meet David Sarti. (A firearms instructor and self-proclaimed survival guru).  David is morbidly obese and he knows it.  He claims the only way he can rid himself of the extra 200 pounds or so that he needs to be healthy is weight reduction surgery.  (Gastric stapling etc…)  Ironically, Mr. Sarti’s segment as well as the name of the episode was entitled: “I Hope I Am Crazy”.  As I’ve advised so many times in these articles in the past: “Be careful what you wish for”.   In the episode Sarti explains how the rest of America is living in the normalcy Bias and think of people like David (Preppers) as “Crazy”.  Thus we get the statement from David Sarti “I hope I am Crazy”. (Spoken in jest) Meaning, he hoped that he was preparing in vain.


If David Sarti was Crazy, he certainly wasn’t stupid as he “had” a self-sustaining micro-eco system.  He owned several acres of land on which he raised his own cattle, goats, chickens and 2 miniature Doberman pinchers. 


As a form of income; David Sarti had a profitable YouTube Channel on which he taught the fundamentals of survival.  The episode which has been posted below, shows parts of his video series which include: “Water filtration systems, the use of fire arms, how to build an EMP proof container aka the “Faraday cage”, how to preserve grain in Mylar bags for long term preservation and finally it shows him using his “Ham Radio” as he believes communication will be a key tool should there be mass civil unrest.  He even monitors the sun for sun spots/solar flares.


Below are two videos.  The first is David Sarti telling us what happened to him after Nat Geo aired his episode of DDP.  The second video is the full episode video. (David is the first segment or the first 10:00 minutes of the episode)

Within weeks of the airing of his DDP segment, he went to see his cardiologist because he was having serious breathing issues.  Sarti explains how the conversation went from a joking one on one laughter session to his detainment in a mental institution. His heart doctor labeled him potentially suicidal because of an off color joke he made about not wanting to live if it meant being kept alive with “Tubes coming out of his body”. 

Sarti said that the doctor was laughing and that the conversation was one of humor and not a clinical evaluation.  Sarti claims he told the doctor that he was a Christian and that he could never kill himself as suicide is a sin according to the Bible. The Sheriffs came and confiscated all of David’s weapons and escorted him to a mental institution.  This is very important in lieu of Obama’s recent executive order.  Listen to Sarti give his recollection of  events and what could be a common practice if congress doesn't strike down this executive order by Obama.



Add Pain to Misery

After Sarti lost his weapons, he lost what is called his “OPSEC” no it has nothing to do with oil.  It’s a military word used for “Operations security” (Some refer to it as Operative secrecy) or living under the radar.  After losing his firearms protection, he was robbed and lost everything.  Someone burglarized the Sarti ranch and backed the truck up and stole the cattle, goats, chickens, Faraday cage, Ham Radio and pretty much everything that wasn’t nailed down.



“I Hope I am Crazy”




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