Friday, January 03, 2014

Mental Illness-the new anti-Gun Trojan Horse

Obama issues Executive Actions for Gun Control
based of Mental Health
Sandy Hook or crook this administration will pass some law to gut the 2nd Amendment.  Just like Medical Marijuana was used to give the "Gateway" drug a kinder more humanitarian feel, invading one's medical privacy is now being pursued in the wake of the multiple heinous shootings in Aurora Co, and Sandy Hook elementary.  Again, the attack on the 2nd amendment starts with tampering with background checks.  If a sick person wants to kill a LOT of people, all they need is a set of car keys and a crowded sidewalk.  Should they give psychiatric tests at the DMV?
At the same time, hundreds of Black on Black murders go swept under the rug in South Chicago.
Why does the government want to go after law abiding citizens who register their guns, instead of going after "Pookie" (To quote Van Jones) for killing with a Saturday night special? 
In a sane culture, if you wanted to deter the abuse of the 2nd Amendment; you would mandate a law that made criminals do hard time if they used a gun while committing their act of violence. I think a minimum 10 year mandatory sentence "Might" stop the use of organized gun crime.  (While still allowing law abiding gun owners to protect their home and family)
The question still exists, how many dumb asses would still use guns knowing that even if they don't actually shoot their victim, they would be going away for a decade?  They say you can't get rid of stupid.  I believe you can contain its' actions.  Personally, I think Obama would veto this law because 70% of his supporters would be locked up for knocking over convenient stores, car jackings and other common habitual actions by those seeking income equality.
The truth is, this administration is not about saving lives.  It's about disarming the citizen.  It's about rendering Americans defenseless.  It's about the abolition of the 2nd amendment, which was not just a gift from our forefathers, but a final check and balance to protect us from a tyrannical government.  
Prepare for the promise: "If you like your guns, you can keep them". 

If Obama gets his way, you'll be losing your 2nd amendment for chronic headaches.  Within a year, all Americans will be defined by some sort of mental disorder even if it is considered, caffeine withdrawal.  If you buy a 6 pack of Heinekens, you will be considered in the pre-stages of alcoholism.  In fact, if you're a child of an alcoholic you will be tagged as a "dependent of an alcoholic parent" and a potential threat with a gun. What's next, forced sterilization? Many Americans died for our Liberty. Let's not let an infiltraitor take it away. 
Contact your Senator and Congressman!


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