Monday, December 23, 2013

Pornobillie - Buck Naked


San Francisco 1992

Phil Bury was a personal influence on my musical taste at the time.  Phil who is better known as Buck Naked along with this brother Stephen (Hector Naked) and David Wees (Stinky LePew) took Rock a billy in the mid eithies and gave it a twist.  Phil would come out on stage wearing nothing but Cowboy Boots, A Cowboy Hat and a Toilet Plunger strapped to his waist.

They were good friends with Primus. (Many of you know Les Claypool from the South park Theme and their cameo in Bill & Ted’s Excellent adventure).  But Phil took Blue Suede Shoes one step further.

The group had two “HITS” or local favorites of their cult following.

        1. Teenaged Pussy From Outer Space
        2. Bend Over Baby and Let me Drive

They were the Anti-Stray Cats.  In fact, they were too cool for the Reverend Horton Heat.  Unfortunately, they were too cool for RCA and Sony.

It didn’t matter as one night Phil was walking his dog in the pan handle of Golden Gate park when a deranged homeless Cab Driver named Michael Kagan, who fed and talked to the pigeons, pulled out a hand gun and killed Phil.  Kagan got 16 years for manslaughter.  But the Bare Bottom Boys would be no more as Buck Naked died 22 years ago. 


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