Friday, December 20, 2013

Gutfeld Cool


In High School, finding your own image is the first rule of survival.  Many going through puberty are so insecure when it comes to finding, creating or selecting a self Identity that they just want to "Fit in".  Some of us didn't care......

Some were the outcast, The James Dean with no Idea of a cause. For many; you were a Jock or a Cheerleader.  Of course the Nerds were simply those trying to find their way from Comic con to Science class. Nerds were the opposite of the next group as they confessed they were nerds but they had three dimensional thinking. Most nerds of yesterday are called "Boss" today.  

Now we have the Goths who scream for the attention they never got at home.  In some states, you're a gangster or you're a Cowboy. A few of us grew up as musicians (Not the marching band type) and found it hard to assimilate in certain clicks.  The same rules applied to artists and writers.  We were the smart loners camouflaged in our creativity.  For us social acceptance was secondary to self awareness. We became real friends with girls while guys from the other groups were either afraid of them, or trying to use them to prove their manhood.  It would be years later that the girl you were friends with would regret not wanting you because you weren't the Quarterback or the popular guy with the "In crowd".

The Greg Gutfelds of High School were the silent outliers.  We were to small for sports, weren't black, didn't like Cowboy Hats, and weren't so desperate as to self mutilate our bodies and stick sharp shit in our tongues, nose, eye brows, cheeks and other reproductive areas.  Perhaps we enjoyed science fiction but didn't obsess over Klingons, Vampires or the Force.

We were too cool and smart to be understood. We didn't fit into any clicks.  We saw the teen Idols for the crap they were, yet played our Iggy Pop cassettes down low for fear of being perceived as different (Rule #2, don't stand out without a click behind you), and we understood Monty Python humor.  But one thing us silent outliers had which many of the other students didn't have were Big Dreams. 

College was a place we went to because we felt it rounded us out. College was an alternative to working at Caterpillar or Costco  your whole life.  In the end, being Gutfeld cool is about being alternative.  It's about thinking outside the box or taking the road less travelled.  You would only listen to Hootie and his Blowfish if sex was almost guaranteed.  When the jocks were listening to "Girls, Girls, Girls" we were into "The Melvins"  and were listening to grunge before it had a genre.

At a certain point, we saw the polarization of America.  You either had something to offer society, or you got a job you hated and couldn't wait to get home to drink beer after beer as a form of self medication.  Once you saw pass the "Save the Earth" causes, or the "Feed the World" causes and realized that life is short and the Earth doesn't need man to save it from anything; you were able to see the left for the frauds they had become.  Once the civil rights movement was dealt with in Congress, the compassionate liberal had no place to go.  So it invented dangers like Global Warming and got the Idea that it knew what was best for everyone.  (A bigoted attitude by definition). 

Once we started paying taxes and wondered where the money went; we developed a deeper appreciation for the free market and liberty.  Thus a conservative is born.


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