Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I've had several months to look at the litter of Republican possibilities for 2016.  The two Candidates the Media WANTS to see run in 2016 would be Chris Christy and Rand Paul.  Both very energetic and popular as the Presidential election season comes around.  Both however will be easy targets for the left. 
Chris Christy
Christy will, unfairly be a "Fat Joke" from the Left and the ultimate RINO from the right.  His arms around Obama after Hurricane Sandy will be forever etched in the minds of conservative voters.
Rand Paul
Rand Paul is a favorite of mine.  I like his stance on our financial short comings and he has shown that he's not afraid to speak his mind.  He will, unfortunately be confused with his libertarian father Ron Paul. (Whom I voted for in the 2008 primaries).  I feel that the voting base will have questions about his concern for foreign policy.
Ted Cruz
I believe Ted Cruz has what it takes to be president.  Sadly I don't think he has what it takes to become president. THINK OBAMA IN REVERSE.  Ted Walks the Walk and Barry Talks the Talk "PERIOD".
Jeb Bush
It will be a cold day in Hell when America nominates a third Bush.  I see it electing a 2nd Clinton as the lesser of two evils, before it votes for the name Bush.
Ben Carson M.D.
Dr. Carson is a brilliant man.  I do think his race would work against him unfairly.  By 2016, should there be anything left of the USA, the U.S. Voters will be tired of the "RACE CARD".  And this administration has played it well.  If you read the article on the black High School, you will see how quickly Black Loyalty will change if your blackness doesn't meet black constituents.  This is unfortunate because Ben Carson is one of the most intelligent potential candidates that will not run.  I can't blame him.  He will be subjecting himself to the term "Half - Breed", "Orio" and other such non-black insults. A smart Black Man doesn't fit the profile for the Black Vote.  Obama on the other hand claimed to be a Pot Head and a protestor.  He was "Down with the black Voter".........until he turned on them by lying to them.
Marco Rubio
From what I learned in the last election, Rubio has the substance to be president.  But like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, he has obstacles that would be harder to overcome than Hillary's "What difference does it make" statement.  Although Rubio was cleared of certain wrong doings I can't recall, they will be brought up and printed above the fold while Mrs. Clinton's nefarious actions will be next to a sporting goods sale on Page 6.
Some strong 3rd basemen make outstanding 2nd Basemen (See Ryne Sandberg).  Marco Rubio is popular in Florida (a swing state) and very popular with Hispanics who can identify with Rubio's Cuban heritage.  Unlike blacks, Hispanics do not save their anger and hatred for other Hispanics who are successful.
Paul Ryan
The man who should have been Vice President.  Paul Ryan has been the "go-to" guy for the GOP ever since the Obama disaster happened in 09.  Paul Ryan is a "CONSTITUTIONALIST" unlike the current disaster in the white house who loves usurping congress.  Ryan knows what he is up against.  By the time he is elected, the Socialist/Marxist will have us 20 Trillion in debt.  Paul Ryan is a well known name.  He has offered many solutions only to be humiliated by the bully in the white house.  In a way, America does not deserve Paul Ryan.  Paul Ryan certainly doesn't deserve the pile of donkey excretions he would inherit.  But if anyone can pull off a Ronald Reagan act, it's Mr. Ryan.  I feel that a Ryan/Rubio ticket will get conservative principles back into the three branches of government which is what it will take to fix this broken economy.  


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