Monday, September 23, 2013


The Café is Back Open for Business.  I was going to open a new blog called the 1000 reasons I could never be President of the United States, but the more I see the Ass Hole in Washington and how utterly fucking clueless he is, it made me realize I COULD BE PRESIDENT INSPITE OF THOSE 1000 REASONS.  So I'm reopening the Café for because I've been holding way to much in.

I sort of think the NSA will be snooping here while real threats to our country carry out their missions.  So please don't use certain words in the same post, like that word that rhymes with Presidential procrastination.  Or " I wonder how much my gunsmith will bill the trigger".   You can use your own imagination.

So the Café is back open for business.  Feel Free to disagree.  But remember, I have to read everything that gets posted.  So if you're "Retort" is not posted, consider it as a unspoken "Fuck You"........ Or I haven't gotten to it yet. 

BTW, Mr. President; Don't look for any of your posts to get approved. (If you get the message you dumb ass)

Ace out


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