Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Death of MVR (The Red Baron)

As we recently celebrated the birth of the greatest ace of aces on Thursday 4/19 Erich Hartmann. Today 4/21, we remember the original "Golden B.B." as the Highest scoring Ace of WWI would perish in his Iconic Red Triplane. Thought for many years to have been shot down by Canadian Pilot  Captain Roy Brown, in the 21st century it was determined that The Red Baron, Manfred Von Richthofen, was brought down by Australian anti-aircraft Machine Guns due to the trajectory of the gun fire, the wounds Richthofen sustained (Primarily a bullet entry wound in his left axilla) and the flight path of MVR's DR.1.  Adding up all of this confirmed forensic evidence lead the historical community to determine that a kill from Brown's six o'clock position was less plausible.  As MVR was flying from the right side of the Australian ground gunners aim, through their path of bullets, to the left when downed, this made the left axilla wound even more probable as the demise of one of WWI's greatest pilots.


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