Saturday, February 16, 2013

Claim Check Please


Neuro-Physiologists believe that our mind retains everything we witness or experience.  (The Good as well as the Painful) The only good thing about it is God has a given us a wonderful gift of buffering the physical pain, yet lets us remember the truly pleasurable.  So the common man/counselor has given this data in your memory banks a name. It’s called “Baggage”.

 Unfortunately, there is another type of pain and pleasure that God allows you to live with.  It’s called (To use a blues term) “Memory Pain”.  That’s musician talk for Psychological pain and pleasure.  Just as the memory of physical pain never really goes away; Psychological pain is a much more powerful factor in your “recall” mechanism.  Since the pain is “All in your head”.  When the recollection of a painful memory is recalled; the pain is almost as painful as watching it happen for the first time.  Unfortunately, just as God buffers the recall of physical pain; memory pain is as real as if it were happening again.  Paradoxically, the good memories seem to get buffered or sometimes “buried” by the memory pain. 


Todd Rundgren wrote a song called: “Time Heals”.  The title verse reads: “Time heals the wounds that no one can see”.

 I contend that time doesn’t heal; it only creates a scar.  It’s amazing how a song, or a smell (especially a smell) can rip open that scab.  Quantum physicists claim that the mind cannot tell the difference between a memory and reality, especially if the memory is based on reality and not a dream.


Modern Psychiatry says that externalizing emotional pain is the answer to dealing with it.  From a more pragmatic approach, I reference Todd again.  In his song, “Parallel Lines”, Todd writes: “Understanding won’t satisfy the hunger”.


In the original movie “MEN IN BLACK” Tommy Lee Jones’ “covert” character is only able to see his former “loved one”  from a satellite view.  He’s interrupted by his partner (Played by Will Smith) who uses the worn out cliché: “Well you know what they say? It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”.

 Tommy Lee responds: “TRY IT”.

 If the above doesn’t resonate to some degree with you; then you’re probably one of those self-centered, materialistic individuals that can defecate on others then go onto ruin another person’s life.


 Given the choice between the two? I’ll take the physical pain.  I’ve lived with severe upper extremity pain since 1996.  In 2009 the pain escalated to a new level.  I say this with more than a grain of salt, but, you learn to live with physical pain.  You “manage” your physical pain. 

Emotional pain is not as persistent as the physical.  It hides its’ ugly head for months or years.  But just when you think you’re over it; it shows its’ self. Emotional pain is much more pernicious than physical pain.


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