Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thin and Productive People

Thin and productive people are usually "Happy" people.  If you look at those who are over weight, the seeds of their obesity is often planted in their self-esteem/sub-conscious mind.  It actually takes very few calories to keep a busy office person healthy.

Oprah once said (during one of her roller coaster diets) That if she's had a bad day, 3 days later it will show up on her "Behind".  And in general, when our lives are not fulfilled by our work, our belief structure, or our simple existence, we need an artificial form of gratitude. 

The sad part is; many of us don't even know we're unhappy.  When the White House preaches about Obesity, why don't they address the real underlying issue of man's abusive behavior.  But just as violence can not be abolished with gun control laws (O.J.?) Washington can't legislate morality which is one of the roots of good self-esteem.


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