Tuesday, December 11, 2012

LOVE - Not to be confused with..... Like

Love is a culture that does not necessary involve the verb "like".  One would ask how can you Love someone you don't like?  Because it's the Godly example.  God hates the sin but LOVES the Sinner.  Jesus said Love your enemy.  Patton said Kill your enemy.  I think given the choice I would prefer to love my enemy, but loving my enemy doesn't mean allow him to kill me.  My point is, you don't have to like someone to love them. 

In the culture of Love, you Love everyone.  (Translated) You want the best for every person.  You want to see that person become righteous.  This may mean denying that person of something that is hurting them, like drugs and alcohol.  You do it because you care about their spiritual well being.  You can't help some one's spirit without the physical aspect of their incarnation. (Don't ask me about the spiritual mediums)

I may not like you, but I can still be concerned for your spiritual excellence. That is the culture of LOVE.


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