Friday, December 07, 2012

LOVE as a Lie

The biggest physiological effect on LOVE is our Self-esteem.  Meet the "Rebound relationship"  The rebound relationship is a convenient way of easing the pain of being dumped from a relationship you weren't aware was not as good as you thought it was.

Enter some smuck, we,ll call him "Ace" who is flattered by your attraction to him.  Ace thinks this is great.  Thank you Jesus.  She's wonderful.  She really loves me for who I am.  This is LOVE.

NO IT'S NOT.  It's an emotional band-aid, maybe even a tourniquet that eases the pain of being dumped.  She says, aha, I'll show him, look I am acceptable.  The problem is, it's not about the couple, it's a lie that's dealing with her inner issue (It works both ways ladies). 

This lie is quite devastating once the truth is uncovered by one or both.  If you're dating, don't even think of the word "Serious" until you've known the other person 18 months to 2 years.  Even then, some people can live with the lie for a LONG TIME.

Rebound relationships hurt everyone.  They hurt the poor sucker that is the victim of the self-esteem boost.  It hurts the person using the poor smuck. AND it takes away the "Dumper's" chance to change his mind.  If he does, look out.  Some one is going to get ugly.


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