Friday, December 07, 2012


In the old days, a Fantasy love was something that existed on the ride home from the theater to the house.  Fantasies can be healthy.  Fantasies can be not so healthy. 

A Healthy Fantasy: "Every thing begins with a dream".  To think that you would have a fulfilling love relationship with Angelina Jolie pushes the edge of your self-esteem.  In the back of your mind; you're telling yourself.  I'm good enough for Angelina damn it.

An unhealthy Fantasy: Besides the millions of people locked up for stalking each year, energy wasted on someone you don't even know is unhealthy. 

Fatal Fantasies: Recently in the news, a man was having an emotional relationship with a woman he worked with.  She responded by flirting in what she felt was a "harmless" game.  The fantasy grew into an unhealthy "disillusion.  At some point the man started hearing voices telling him to kill the husband of the woman that was flirting (or using words he perceived as flirts) with him.  I can't remember exactly, but the fascination turned into a homicide. 

Moral of the story? Keep your fantasies personal.


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