Friday, December 07, 2012

LOVE-What it is NOT

Contrary to what most people believe; Love is NOT a relationship between two people.  It's not something you MAKE.  I use to kid my room mate in the military by saying: "Humans make Love; Animals fuck".  I guess at times humans act like animals. Now I'm older and understand Love.  It's not about Romeo & Juliet.  It's not about poetry or flowers. 

Love is easier to understand if you erase what you "think" you understand from the Bible and every thing you've read from Shakespeare.  Sex is not Love.  Even good sexual procreation is NOT love. When you have Sex you make babies, you don't make love.  You can't MAKE LOVE.

Jesus tries to explain LOVE in the new testament when He says how can a man have love in his heart yet hate his brother?

Love is much much deeper than you ever imagined.  It's simple, yet we need to rinse the stories of Disney out of our heads.  We need to get the romance novels out of our head.  Romance is Romance it's not LOVE.


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