Saturday, December 08, 2012

LOVE - An example of the Culture

I delight in using this example.  Because the people on this show are far from perfect.  They, for the most part are very attractive. But they could use a bar of soap for their mouths.  Yet they have the courage to "Pray" on Television.  They pray not only for their own safety, yet for the safety of the "Bad Guy" they are setting out to apprehend. 

This, for all the production and music, is Love. 

I'm Talking about the recently cancelled show "Dog the Bounty Hunter".  For those of you who aren't familiar with the reality show, Duane (Dog)Chapman is a former prisoner of the Texas State Prison System.  He was found guilty in a murder case as an accessory.  He was found sitting in the get away car after a murder was committed. . 

Dog saw the light upon leaving prison.  He undertands the drug culture.  He fights his drug urges daily.  He can communicate with the law breakers from a user's POV.. 

Dog uses his story to try and help those bail jumpers that he catches.  He is now a successful bail bondsman in which his family make up his bounty hunting team. 

Their motto is: Catch them and "Fix" them.  The most important aspect of the show is the preaching that goes on in the back seat of the SUV on the way to the Jail.  I've seen episodes where I wanted to strangle the perp.  Yet Dog will say to his wife Beth, I can't just throw him in without trying to say something to him to give him or her hope.  He sets his anger aside and tries to show love and kindness to a drug dealer who just spit at Dog. 

This is the CULTURE of LOVE.


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