Saturday, December 15, 2012

America's 2nd Civil War

America is primed for a 2nd civil war.  People were predicting this as early as 11/2008.  Yet recently with the re-election of the 44th President, rhetoric is reaching an all-time dangerous high.  Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa Junior used the term civil war if the Governor of Michigan signed the Right to work bill into law.


The words blood have been thrown around like Romans in the coliseum.  Comedian and Fox commentator Dennis Miller made a recent comment that he felt the president hated him and other successful Americans.

I don’t disagree with them.

 It won’t be a north vs. south civil war.  It will be a metropolitan vs. rest of the country civil war.  I would imagine the government would try to disarm those living in the metropolitan areas like they did in New Orleans during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.  They would then methodically hit the suburbs of the metro-cities to disarm the people city by city.  This would be met with great resistance.  The government would have to engage their own people ala “Ruby ridge”.  Hopefully the “Oathers” in the military would keep their oath.

 There are so many flash points that could set off the fighting from a George Zimmerman innocent verdict to a Barack Obama scandal and impeachment.  At the current time it looks like the Unions are ironically in the same disarray as the Republican Party. 

The last thing this country needs is to fall apart as millions of Muslim extremist cells lay in waiting.  Many are fleeing to the state of Texas.  (Which was once a republic).  Many are leaving New York and California for this very reason.  December 21st may not bring the end of the world, however; it could bring an end to the world as we know it.


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