Wednesday, December 12, 2012

LOVE and Man's Free Will

We often wonder why God allows bad things to happen to good people.  (See previous post on JOB)  In a deep discussion today, I concluded, and I could be way off topic on this so please cut me some slack, and God please don't punish me too hard, but, Man's Free Will is the ability to make the choice to accept God or reject God.  God's will shall prevail over your will.  So what if you "think" that you can make your own life effecting decisions, think again.  If you make plans and you've covered every possible angle, and the bridge to your destination crumbles from stress (ala Minnesota) what good has your "Free Will" done?

 Let's say a country is starting to take it's freedom for granted, so a dictator is elected.  In the first term the people don't learn and the takers re-elect the dictator.  Some say it's God's plan.  I mean; God allowed His people to live in bondage for 400 years.  Then before entering the promised land, he punished them by making them wander aimlessly in the desert for 40 years.  Moses who by the hand of God, lead God's chosen people out of Egypt died before he saw the Promised Land.  It wasn't Moses who built a graven image out of gold.  Where was Moses' free will? 

We are free to choose to listen to God's word and follow the direction of the Holy Spirit. (I know I'm going to upset my "Church of Christ" friends) or we can do as we please.  We are Free to Worship graven images and give up our liberty for "security".  Even if you have been "SAVED" You still have the FREE WILL to walk away from your salvation. 

That's Free Will.


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