Tuesday, December 11, 2012

LOVE- When God allows Bad things

I started thinking today about good vs. evil.  In times of disaster or "mega-disasters" we are quick to turn to God and as "WHY GOD".  Again, the answer I'm content with is; it's the price of "Free will".  I know that sounds like an oxymoron.  The price of something free.  We (Most of us Veterans say: "Free speech is not free".  Meaning men died for those of us to protest against the government, worship God in what ever way, you can even burn the U.S. Flag if you so desire.

Some of the freedoms would get you a swift beheading in other less "free" countries and cultures.

So if bad things happen to good people because of free will, then I guess that explains why good things happen to those who act like "Bad People".  Personally I don't buy into the good person bad person paradigm.  Although I like to think I'm on the path to righteousness, it doesn't take much to get me wandering off into the tall grass.  But I guess what is important is that I continue to seek the path and pray that I'm on the correct path.

When I think of bad things happening to good people, I bring myself back to the biblical story of Job.  Here is guy that reminds me of Mitt Romney.  He's spent his life seeking righteousness and doing "The Lord's work" and felt he could help the shining city on the hill get some of it's light back.  It is my POV that evil triumphed over good.  I also believe that God will allow Satan to have his way with us for doing so.  It's the "unintended consequences of free will".  

If you've never read the book of Job (Old testament), I'll give you the reader's digest version.  Job is a righteous man. The devil tells God that Job is only righteous because he's been so successful.  Damn that sounds like Obama.  So God who knows Job's heart says: "Go for it. Tempt him" So God allows Satan to do horrible things to Job.  He allows Satan to kill off Job's family.  All of Job's material possessions are taken by the bad guys".  But Job continues to worship his Lord. 

So Satan ups the stakes and says he still has his health.  So God, who knows Job's heart, says: "Go ahead but don't kill him".   So Satan proceeds to inflict Job with what we think today was "Adult Chicken Pox".  Hey I had Chicken Pox at the age of 28.  I don't think I have ever been as painfully sick as I was for those 10 days.  And to make matters even more intolerable, God allows Satan to send 3 idiot friends and a nagging wife into the mix.  Each of Job's friends approach him, each with accusations of sins he MUST have committed.  On top of all of the pontificating and judging, Job's wife says to Job: "Why don't you just curse God and die". (WHOA)

Job stands fast. (It's a military term for stands his ground) Then God sends a youngster named Elihu into Job's life.  Elihu represents innocence and tells Job in chapter 37, (and I'll paraphrase) "Job.  I know I'm not a great wise man, but, we are not able to understand why God does what He does.  He makes the clouds thunder in a way that is beyond our comprehension".  This kid is not your average x-box addict.

Job understands that whether it's a test or whether it's God's wrath, where else is there to go?  What else could a righteous man do?

Then in the closing chapters, God restores what he allowed Satan to take away (and then some) and Job lived happily ever after.  I can't say the same for Job's 3 friends who seemed to just annoy God.

Back to my point.  Whenever I hear a preacher say: "My god is a loving god and would not allow this to happen to his people".  I think of Job's 3 friends then think of Elihu.

When I ask myself: "Why did God allow Hitler to escape 2 bomb blasts and 25 very close attempts on his life.  and why did God allow Mao to kill 50 MILLION of his own people, and why did God allow Stalin to kill millions of Russians and allow his red army to rape 2 million German women".  I think of Job and Elihu and it reminds me of the song: "This world is not my home, I'm just passing through.  If heaven is not my home then Lord what will I do? The Angels beckon me from heaven's open door and I can't feel at home in this world anymore.

Remember, when you see the disappointment, the suffering, the horror and the cheaters and killing, remember Job and Elihu's words.  We are not capable of understanding why God does what He does and allows what he allows.  




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