Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Written Word v The Spoken Word

I guess we’ve all written something in an email, unless you’re a south Australian Aborigines without an Obama phone, and had something you’ve said not come out the way you mean it.

The truth is, the written word is more susceptible to reader interpretation over the spoken word.  Sure we’ve come up with the ever so annoying “Emoticon”   Emoticons notwithstanding, The written word has proven its self to be a less than reliable form of communication.

If you want to distort your message even more; try reading some of the crap that is called a “Tweet”. 

I’ll use the three words: “I’ll be back”.  What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Arnold as he portrays the T-1 Terminator.  Yet; If you were in the Philippines when  Douglas McArthur was being recalled by the Pentagon and he said “I’ll be back”.  It meant hope.  

 If you’ve just gotten in a fight with a convenience store owner that gave you change for a ten dollar bill and you gave him a twenty, I’ll be back means you’re not coming alone.

If it’s late August and you’re in young love and your parents are taking you back to Eau Claire Wisconsin and you’ve had the greatest love affair of your life in Sanibel Florida.  I’ll be back means you have plans of running away from home.

If your favorite sports player says in the camera after the last game of his contract year: “I’ll be back”.  It means he plans to renew his contract and the fans have nothing to fear.

As you can see these 3 words, even in the proper setting  mean entirely different things.

My point? If your message is that important; pick up your cell phone and use your voice.  Do not rely on your de-evolutional texting device or your Facebook account and especially not Twitter.  LOL OMG WTF?


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