Thursday, December 05, 2013

1.58 Million Social Media Passwords Hacked. THINK 3D

It's not a lot when you consider that the U.S. has 330 Million residents.  The majority of hacked Passwords were from The Netherlands, Thailand, Germany then the U.S. And Trustwave said many of the Passwords hacked were simple Passwords like "12345". 

I'm a pragmatic 3 dimensional thinker.  (Sometimes good or times I create more problems than I prevent) When people hear that 2 Million Passwords were compromised, the natural thing to do is to run out and change your password. 

Now I'm not an IT super freak but I think that's when your Password/account is at it's most vulnerable.  When you're changing it.  What if the 2 Million stunt was a prelude to get "non-crackable" passwords into a position of vulnerability?  It's kind of like letting the shepherd dogs loose on one side of the heard to get them to run into the corral?  How many accounts today will be in that state of vulnerability?  For that reason, How many servers will be crashing due to the masses changing their passwords? 

The one thing I've learned from this presidential Administration is not to focus on the shiny apple in the right hand, but to keep an eye on the covert left hand.  Prepare for the knock out punch that follows the jab.  Bowling pins need to be set up before they can be knocked down.  Think three dimensionally.


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