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Fast Lane to Communism

Sun Tzu - The Counter Culture - Hollywood and Video Games


The Fast lane to Communism


In 1918, a young Corporal Adolf Hitler and many of his "trench mates" felt they had been stabbed in the back by the communist labor party in Berlin.  The German Communist party consisted mainly of Jewish communists.  The reason for the vitriolic hatred for the Jewish Communists was because they (The Communists) had arranged a strike while German soldiers were strategically winning the trench war in France.  The lack of ammunition from the father land in conjunction with the influx of American supplies lead to what many Germans considered a reluctant surrender.  This was the seed that planted the hatred in the mind of the young Hitler for years.

 Hitler had a hunger for the death of Communism.  Although he entered into an agreement with Russia that would divide Poland in 1939, Hitler was merely using Stalin and setting him up for the "Eastern Invasion", operation Barbarossa.  Payback was in motion.   

The Art of War


The Art of War was written by The Chinese Warrior "Sun Tzu" a high ranking military General in 512 B.C. which was first translated into French in the year 1772 and into English in 1910.  Students of Sun Tzu's book include Communist leader Mao Zedong, General Douglas McArthur and various Imperial leaders of Japan.  The Art of War is one of the first books written on the strategies of Combat.

What we want to focus on is chapter 1 of the book's 13 chapters. Sun Tzu's PARADIGM when it comes to war is summed up in this sentence: "The greatest General is He who wins the war without a shot being fired".  In chapter one Tzu talks about the 5 influences on the Art of War.  #1 being the Moral Law.  This is what enables the sentence above.  Sun Tzu's last and least technique for war is to attack a walled city.  He calls it a last resort.  He would have been appalled by the English marching in lines during the American Revolution. 

 Sun Tzu opens his dialogue with the statement that "The key to war is deception". (If you like your doctor you can keep him. Period) This principle was used in WWII as General McArthur used inflatable tanks to deceive Nazi Germany into thinking he was building up troops and carriers for an attack in the North, which is where Hitler and his leaders were preparing to counter the allied invasion.  The deception worked when the Allies chose to land on June 6th on Normandy beach to the south.  It’s also the technique used by America’s 44th president to gain re-election. 
The Counter Culture
But much is made of "The Moral Law".  The Moral law is what unites the population.  The Moral law is what convinces the individual to risk their life for the greater good according to the Moral law.  Manipulating this technique was used effectively in the 1960s when the "Anti-war movement" was started.(Much to the advantage of the advancing Communist forces in Vietnam). Chairman Mao Zedong was a student of Sun Tzu's "Art of War" and knew that the only way to defeat America was to change the "Moral Law".  So he put forth a social campaign to try and change the "Unity" of the American public. And it worked.  Rather than stopping the spread of communism; songs like "Give peace a chance", changed the paradigm in America.  In business, this strategy is called: "Repositioning the opposition".  Soon, American patriotism turned to: "Hell no. We won't go".  At the same time; Communism continued with its movement in America and created what would be referred to as the "Counter-Culture".  I'm referring to those who found it cool to be anti-American. (Your basic leftist liberal).  It was at this time that communism would make its’ move. 


Senator Joseph McCarthy
After WWII; America had taken its’ place in the world as THE "World Power".  In 1950 the communist got the break they were waiting for.  It came in the form of a witch hunter/Patriot named Senator Joseph McCarthy. 60 years later, some say McCarthy was right.  But McCarthy made a name for himself by tracking down communist infiltrators in the Army and our government.  Much to Senator McCarthy's demise, the public grew weary of McCarthy's accusations of communist infiltration.  This was the opportunity China and Russia were seeking.  Remember, Russia was a reluctant ally in WWII.  We actually saved China, only to see it taken over by a high ranking Communist General named Mao Zedong.  
It was a paradigm of: "The enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine".  But no sooner than Berlin fell, did we see Russia set its’ eyes on spreading Communism.  In 1950,(5 years after the end of WWII) China would fight a proxy war backing North Korea.  The war was neither lost nor won.  An armistice was signed in 1953. It is still the only agreement that keeps North Korea out of South Korea.  In this war, we saw North Korean Pilots flying Russian Migs, while Americans were flying F-86 Saber jets.


Shampoo ~ Rinse ~ Repeat:

"Vietnam 1954 - 1975"
Vietnam was another proxy war fought between Communist China (Sponsoring North Vietnam) and the United States (backing South Vietnam).  This war included Cambodia and Laos. America lost its "Innocence" in this war.  The "Moral Law" in America was being altered not only by Communist China and the court of public opinion; but also by the birth of the Military Industrial Complex.  What good is making a $4,000,000 aircraft if you don’t have a war to show it off in?

 In California, the President of the Screen Actors Guild, a young handsome actor named Ronald Reagan, also found that the Movie industry had been infiltrated by the very communists that organized the "Anti-war" protests.  It's a little known fact that the reason President Reagan had such hate for the U.S.S.R. was because he had received a threat as president of the S.A.G. union that if he didn't stop talking about communists in Hollywood, he would receive a face full of Hydrochloric Acid and never work as an Actor again.  The President of the Screen Actors Guild would go on to become the Governor of California during the turbulent 60s.  Then he would become President of the United States and bring down the U.S.S.R. and end the cold war.

Just as SAG President Ron Reagan suspected, Hollywood had been infiltrated by Communist investors as well as producers/writers.  The same Hollywood that put out patriotic movies such as the Korean War classic “Battle Circus” (the prelude to M*A*S*H) and “The longest Day” (A movie about D-Day) was now changing the message. (See Valerie Jarrett’s first speech as Obama communication chief of staff) “We won because we controlled the message”.  Taken right from the Communist “Saul Alinski’s book “Rules for Radicals”. (Referring to Obama’s 2008 presidential election victory)   Hollywood was now releasing movies with the popular “Anti-hero” message.  We were being taught to have feelings for the “Bad Guy”.
The Birdman of Alcatraz 1962
Robert Stroud, one of America’s most vile murderers , was nicknamed the “Birdman” of Alcatraz.  He was a Psychotic raping, vicious inmate played by Burt Lancaster as a gentle bird lover.

The Fugitive  1963
The Fugitive was one of the first TV series that attacked our criminal justice system. 
Cool Hand Luke 1967
A prison movie that glorified the life of an inmate with the propensity to escape.

Bonnie & Clyde 1967
Hollywood glorifies the crimes of a young couple who liked fast cars and a powerful WWII rifle. (The Browning Automatic Rifle)

It Takes A Thief  1968
Robert Wagner stars in a TV series about a thief who steals for the government.

The Thomas Crown Affair 1966/1999
The newest version stars Pierce Brosnan.  It’s about a heist of an expensive painting.

The Italian Job 1969/2003
This movie is about a group of safe robbers.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1969
This movie is about train, Coach and Bank robbers of the old west.

Alias Smith & Jones  1971
This was a television series about two “wild west” bank robbers that want to go straight.

The godfather 1972
This Academy Award winner glorified mob violence and organized crime.

Vanishing point 1971
This movie glorified the transport of illegal muscle cars across state lines.  Basically it was about a cool 1970 Dodge Challenger.

The Longest Yard 1974
Burt Reynolds plays a retired professional quarterback that gets thrown in prison and is forced to put together a football team made up of prisoners to play a game against the guards.  The movie shows corruption in the correctional system and the viewer is inclined to root for the murderers and thieves.

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry 1974
This is an awful Peter Fonda movie. He robs a bank and it turns into a car chase.

Escape from Alcatraz 1979
Former Mayor of my home town, Carmel California, Clint Eastwood stars in a movie about the three inmates who tried to escape from the prison on the Island of Alcatraz.

Tough Guys 1986
Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas play two geriatric train robbers who get out of prison and go back to robbing trains in their 70s.  Where is Hollywood’s dignity?

Pretty Woman 1990
It’s a movie that glorifies a prostitute.

Bandits 2001
Again we have a movie about a “Gang” of bank robbers that rob banks by kidnapping the bank manager the night before”.  The gang gains notoriety in the public’s eye.

Just to name a few.

What started out as an innocent game of ping PONG. 40 years later turned into “GTA” aka GRAND THEFT AUTO.  Yes, American culture survived Metal Rock, it survived Psychedelic Rock.  It even survived 2 Live Crew and insulting Rap.  But at the turn of millennium, our youth were bombarded with every kind of point and shoot video imaginable with 3D realism. 

As much as I want to blame Video games for the downfall of “Wholesome” American Values; the concept of free will is what made this country great.  (That and Rifles when the Native Americans only had bows and arrows)
America is in the “Fast Lane” to Communism.  But Communism has failed in almost every economy.  To implement True Communism in America, government must overcome the Constitution, in particular, the 2nd amendment.  The right to keep and bear arms is the ultimate check and balance.   It’s more important than ever that we elect an “Anti-Communist” leader in 2016.  But that alone will be no more effective than the left having elected a Communist.  What trumps poor leadership and a lack of morals is a thriving economy.  Like the Crypt Keeper impersonator said: “It’s the Economy Stupid” (James Carville)

America is a little child that is currently touching a hot stove. Hopefully Mom will be there in 2016 to put Aloe Vera ointment on it, and say: “That’s hot, don’t do it again”.


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