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Idiots and Advertising - The Bungling White boy

Idiots and Advertising

 AKA Commercials with the Smart Black Supervisor
And the Idiot Whiteboy

Besides earning the moniker “The Guitar god from Los Altos”, (CA) I also sport a degree in Business Administration.
Recently a Television personality said: “I’m getting sick of the bungling white male acting foolish in front of a black family”. 

They’re called "MultiCulti" commercials.  I DARE you to “Google” the phrase "Blacks in Commercials".  There is an endless stream of vitriolic hate from people,(many of them not racist) who are just tired of ad agencies perpetuating the myth of "The wiser and smarter black male figure and the idiot white male".  Then the pundits quote the statistic of 13.3% of the national population making up 40% of the Prison population (according to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics) and last but not least, 73 percent of all children in that 13.3% being born out of wedlock.

 Confused?  Keep reading ………You won’t be.

 I think after all the studies I've read (and yes I've spent hours on that this "MultiCulti" or "Visual Diversity" (The PC term for it) is a new paradigm being pushed by many Marketing professors in universities. (It’s interesting how many of these authors are not only Marketing professors, but African American studies professors as well) I find it amazing how professors use percentages to influence total dollar buying power. (Bush43 would call it Fuzzy Math).


These "Professors" want us to think that a pound of "feathers" is heavier than a pound of "Gold" in other words; "America needs to notice the increased percentage of buying power from the black consumer",yet in the same sentence they will quote studies(Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia) that show 85.5% of America's buying power still comes from Whites. 


As previously stated: I have a degree in business administration”, and in my time, the only color you were concerned about when it came to marketing was green.  This is why I felt the trend in "MultiCulti" commercials was a result of 3 possiblitlities.


  1. FCC regulations  (They were forced to make these types of commercials)
  2. Federal Grants or Subsidies (Financial motivation)
  3. Minorities had more disposable income.  (Obama wealth redistribution)
In 2009, attorney Mark Lloyd, the former executive director of the civil rights forum on communications policy (FCC Czar at the time) said "Whites were going to have to step down so others can have the power".   Many felt Lloyd was thinking out loud. 

The subsidies theory was the most plausible and made the most sense. (Especially after the Solyndra debacle)  But with this administration; When has common sense ever been common practice?

Recently, I finally got a friend of mine who manages a large ABC affiliate in a large market to come clean and tell me all he knew about subsidies and minority restrictions.  He said there were none.  He even explained that the Democrats were trying to bring back the “Fairness doctrine” , but were not having any luck. 


We are living in the worst economy this country has ever faced.  Ad Agencies are lost. They’re searching for pearls in a bucket of oysters.  They function on a very high level of “Knee Jerk” reactions.  I’ll give you a great example.  In 2004 when Bush was re-elected, the demographics (Information based on people, locations , purchasing habits and trends, etc...) showed that he was elected by a high Christian base.  It was in 2005 that we saw every independent “family” programming station bought by the alphabet networks.  In other words, the Advertising Industry has very little in the way of originality. 

In 1991 The Grunge band Nirvana blew all of the L.A. “Hair Bands” off the Charts and into the unemployment lines with the release of their 2nd album “Nevermind” which featured the song: “Smells like teen spirit”.   A&R reps literally flooded Seattle that same week and signed any garage band that was playing in a club anywhere in downtown Seattle.  This is a great example of the “Knee Jerk” (Emphasis on Jerk) reaction of the Advertising industry. 


All the demographics the Ad agents had to go on in 2009 was that America voted for a Black person.  So it interpreted this as America must love Africans.  And as a result of college professorial indoctrination; Ad agencies ran with this.  In 2009 and 2010 we saw the genesis of the Dominant black male and the timid “bungling” white male.  This added to the fury which led to one of biggest landslide losses for the DNC in 2010.  In 2011 the MultiCulti’s went away for awhile.


How Obama won in 2012; (Hook or crook?) we’ll never know as evidence of voter fraud continues to surface every month.  But like an old teddy bear from their youth, the ad agents gleefully have gone back to the smart Black male/dumb white MultiCulti commercials again. 

 Geico Commercial
Obamacare commercial begging for youths to sign up


 Look for the ad agencies to dispense with their default racist commercials in the wake of the recent outcry from the White American Public over the actions of A&E’s screw up with Duck Dynasty.  (One of America’s most popular phenomena) Anti-minority sentiment is waking from its’ slumber of tolerance (partially due to the "Knock out game, where black teens try to render 90 year old Jews unconscious)
and in doing so, has given Ad Agencies everywhere reason to make commercials with bearded Camo White people killing animals. 

I've noticed a decrease in the MultiCulti commercials over the Christmas Holidays and would expect to see more "Heartland" commercials in January.  If not; The Ad Agencies just don't get it, or don't want to accept it. 


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