Sunday, August 26, 2007

RACISM is ALIVE and rearing it's ugly head

In Carmel California of all places. Mrs.Ace and I were having a late lunch at a chinese Restaraunt in Carmel Village. Everyone had left except 3 disgusting liberals who had finished their meal and were sitting aroung bashing America and Bush all this at 90 decibels plus. Then to our amazement, the lady with the German accent says "and we can't live alongside the "Mexicans". AND THEN, the pseudo sofisticated liberal says, "Can we live without them?"


Friday, August 24, 2007

Reality CHECK

It's apparent to me now (after 40 years) that I will probably never get to be one of the Jackson Five.

But I got the Moves........

Ace out.......

Thursday, August 16, 2007


114 degree heat in the hot Arizona sun was more than "Bandit" a K-9 patrol unit dog could handle. The story is an excusable tradgedy of circumstances.

Read the whole story here.

Monday, August 13, 2007

SAVE ME ~ Behind the scenes

I wrote Save Me in April of 2005. I was still living in Washington. My state of mind was quite Bazzar. I was trying to record my own version of Tommy James' "Sweet Cherry Wine". All I remember about the recording was that it had a great beginning and a killer ending. But while I was working on the editing of the track, my Dog "Max" (From Cowboy hat blues) was curled up outside my studio door hyperventilating. He got up to follow me and started staggering. 4 hours later Max was put to rest. He suffered a cancerous hemangiosarcoma. It was the first time I had cried in 20 years. About 5 days later, Terri Schiavo died from being starved to death. So I originally wrote the song for Terri and Max.

But I didn't know how to put the music to video. Lots of people told me that the song was powerful. Ben Sharp used the intro for his Radio show for several months.

But about 2 months ago I ordered the VH-1 video that was done about Warren Zevon in his final days. If you don't own it, buy it now. Warren shows all of us that we are all destined for the same mortal destination. Some of us sooner than others. But Warren says in very articulately in his interview "I think it's a sin to not want to live". He said this in response to "his fans" saying "we think he's cool because he's refusing Chemo". The truth is; Warren cherished life. He celibrated life. When he knew his time had come, he chose to record a farewell album called "The Wind".

It was this thought of his fans cheering him for not taking Chemo that got me to think of the "Culture of death" that we live in. We are surrounded by those who take death so lightly. We (as a culture) have become so sensitized to death that we have cheapened the value of life. Abortions, Euthenasea and Suidcide is much to common in our society.

The video ends with Dr.MLK's speech "Free at last". We are free. Free to enjoy life. Free to live. If you don't like your life; do something about it.

Ace out....

Friday, August 10, 2007

IRAQ ~ It's time

I know I won't be very popular with my republican counterparts, but I think it's seriously time we left IRAQ.

There's an old old saying that "if you have something to fall back on, you will." Another truth that most Americans are not aware of is that Freedom is worth fighting for. The people of IRAQ need to understand this. Americans, (most of us) understand that without liberty we can have no freedom, and without freedom we have no hope.

You can't make people WANT FREEDOM. They need to want it for themselves. It's like wanting your children to lead independent housholds.

The issue of "insurgents" will always be in IRAQ. Hell, it's always here in the land of Mom, Chevy and Apple pie. But we don't tolerate it. We hang the bastards after we catch them. (provided some liberal bedwetting judge doesn't let them off for feeling like a guilty white male)

But I believe it's time. Make those sucker walk. They've been crawling long enough.

Ace out...............

Thursday, August 09, 2007

SAVE ME (from American Infidel) ENJOY

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Ace LIve Videos are up

Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Sad Day in Baseball

It's a Barry Bonds world circus finally made it to 755. Hopefully, now the druggy will just go away. Even better; go to jail. Speaking of Jail: I wonder how Barry's good buddy Greg Anderson is doing in prison for not testifying against Barry? And he's no in Jail for refusing to say bonds did steroids; he's in jail for refusing to pruger himself. (thus protecting Bonds) Gee that sure makes the homerun king look legit. (ya think?)

It was good to see commissioner spineless (selig) stand but not appaud or clap when Bonds hit his steroid shot.

And finally; to quote Reggie Jackson;"Aaron will still be the people's Home run King"

PS. The pitcher for S.D. that gave up the dinger to Bonds was a SF draft pick that was released for steroid violations. hmmmmmmmmm