Friday, August 10, 2007

IRAQ ~ It's time

I know I won't be very popular with my republican counterparts, but I think it's seriously time we left IRAQ.

There's an old old saying that "if you have something to fall back on, you will." Another truth that most Americans are not aware of is that Freedom is worth fighting for. The people of IRAQ need to understand this. Americans, (most of us) understand that without liberty we can have no freedom, and without freedom we have no hope.

You can't make people WANT FREEDOM. They need to want it for themselves. It's like wanting your children to lead independent housholds.

The issue of "insurgents" will always be in IRAQ. Hell, it's always here in the land of Mom, Chevy and Apple pie. But we don't tolerate it. We hang the bastards after we catch them. (provided some liberal bedwetting judge doesn't let them off for feeling like a guilty white male)

But I believe it's time. Make those sucker walk. They've been crawling long enough.

Ace out...............


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