Monday, June 25, 2007

Looking ahead to the Madness of Election 2008

OK, I wasn't wrong in supporting George W. Bush in 2004. Considering the options, and not being clairvoyant, who knew "W" would allow the oil industry to have it's way with the country. My vote for Bush was for one reason only; the supreme court justice appointments. There were 2 new Judges appointed during W's 2nd term and who knows what sort of Ruth BetaH Ginsburger Kerry would have nominated?

My frustration and disappointment with the current president is the incredible disconnect, not just between him and the American people; but even between him and his own party. It's political suicide to support the president in today's current political climate. The amnesty bill proposed by drunken Ted is overwhelmingly opposed by the people of this country. The only person who seems to be pushing this stupid Idea is the president and 20 million illegal Mexicans.

I'm not opposed to immigration. Our country was sort of founded on immigration. (after we killed off the native Americans) But it's the adjective before the word immigrant that makes this whole Idea absurd. "ILL-LEGAL". What about the law abiding Mexicans that are doing the right thing by filing for citizenship and learning English? The argument that people should be allowed to better themselves doesn't work in this situation. It's like saying I want to better my lifestyle by breaking into your house and eating the food in your kitchen. It's against our laws. Those who have shown no regard for our laws should not be rewarded with citizenship. Especially in front of those who are waiting in line at the border.

Mr.President, why are you proving yourself to be the idiot your pundants are acusinsg you of? Why are you allowing record gas prices that coincide with record oil profits? What kind of parachute did the Clintons offer you?

Enough Bush Bashing. I have to remind myself that we haven't been attacked again since 9/11/2001. But I hope and pray for the sake of humanity in this country that a true leader will stand up from the mire and listen to the people of this country. A new Leader that will get us out of Iraq without handing it over to the terrorists. A leader that will keep our borders integrity controlled. A leader that puts the country ahead of his political aspirations.


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