Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kill the Mexicans ........ and the white man too.....

I've been trying to understand Ted Kennedy and his desire to add 20 million illegal immigrants to our nation's already overwhelmed population. But ya know, the Cherokee blood in me just makes me wanna say, Who the hell are we to "limit" who comes into this country? When western Europeans settled in America they brought disease that killed off most of the Indian nation. What do you think the onslaught of Mexicans will do to us?

In essence, America is a country that was "TAKEN" by force. Indian forfathers didn't decided to allow so many pale faces into the country per year. The truth is, had the Indian nation had warheads and antibodies, they could have kept this country a land where the sun shined, the rain fell and the Buffalo roamed freely. Now it seems Ironic that a civilization is fighting to prevent the very act it used to form this country.

Don't get me wrong, I love this country. I fought for it in the Vietnam war. But Irony is still Irony under any circumstances.

Ace out.......


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