Saturday, June 02, 2007

Kind words from people

I remember lots of people coming up to me telling me how much they love my music. I even have an official quote of love from Leo Lyons (Ten Years After) on my website saying how he "Always enjoys listening to my music" God bless you Leo. Hearing Dick Dale say that my last album was "Very very cool" had me walking on air.

One night I was sitting at home working on my computer when my Wife goes "Here, It's for you," The voice on the phone was Management from "Double Trouble" as in "Stevie Ray Vaughan and" It was Tommy and Chris' manager telling me how much they enjoyed my DVD and shared words of encouragement.

But the one line that sticks out in my mind is from a person I never met. Two people actually. I was standing in at the old princeton landing and after a very killer version of "oh well" I heard a girl in the club say "Man this guy is the greatest guitarist." Then right after that I heard her boyfriend say "He's not THE greatest but he's ONE OF THE GREATEST".

Thank you who ever you are sir.

Ace out....


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