Thursday, May 24, 2007

Make it ~ Sell it ~ Fake it

For years now I've seen great products "mostly food and alcohol" products that hit the market like a hurricane. It comes out and everyone is talking about it at work the next day.

I remember back around 1987 88'; Miller came out with "Miller genuine draft". My baseball buddies and I stumbled onto it when one of the guys brought a 12 pack over for the thursday night games. This stuff rocked. It was " cold filtered" or so the catch marketing phrase was. What ever it was, it tasted really really good. Now I don't know what happened but somewhere along the way it just started tasting like Miller. (which taste like Bud, or Coors etc...)

In the early 90's Nalleys came out with "Jalapeno Hot" Chili. Now being a chili afficianado; I gave this stuff 2 thumbs up when it came out. Not that it tasted spicey but it actually seemed like it had "stuff" in it. If you've bought a can of it lately; it taste like hormel which tastes like Dennison which tastes like etc..........

The only answer this college educated mind can come up with is; The formula is to make a great short term product. Capture the Market, then contract with a knock-off OEM that makes a so-s0 half the cost version of the real thing. Somebody on Wall street please confirm this if you know. But nothing is ever as good as when it first came out anymore. EXCEPT:

PACE PICANTE SAUCE. Bless their hearts and integrity. It's always been the Bench mark and hasn't gone down in quality since it took over the market back in the early 90's??????

Ace out........


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