Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mommy, I wanna be a nurse when I grow up.

That's what all little girls say at one time or another when they're playing with their dolls and horses. A rare few actually care about people and become doctors. But aside from those whose last name end in the initials M.D. , the medical profession is dominated by frustrated females that either regret getting into medicine or have gone so far in nursing that they've priced themselves out of a job.

A wonderful nurse wrote an article on me that was published in the Sunday paper a few years back. It's funny because she asked me what I did as a day job and I told her I was in the medical industry. I laughed and said, like every other nurse, I'm trying my hardest to get out of it. It turns out that she had been a nurse before writing for the Oakland Tribune.

Whoa is the male sub-professional. My heart goes out to the specialty trained techinicians that get slapped around by those whose last name are actually R.N. . There is a huge insecurity in the RN sector that fears technology. Nursing is no longer giving shots and mesuring out 5 cc's of cough syrup. It's about recording Kvps of radiation and Joules of Laser energy. This is usually done by a male technician. You know; the guy that liked to tinker in his dad's work shop in the garage. But an idiot with 4 years of college and the ability (or not) to speak some english, merits the technician a status of "subordinate".

What truly makes the medical system in America poor, is that neither doctors nor nurses are taught anything about management or business in their perspective schools. Doctors have it the worse in that they are faced with the responsibility of billing for tremendous wealth; while nurses end up in positions of management in the hospital. These seem to be the common weaknesses of both professions. Fortunately, if a doctor is smart (and lucky) he or she will hire a really good business manager.

As for nurses, most of them rely on books on management, leaving them clueless about leadership.

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