Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Deity of the Medical society

Patient care in the medical arena today ranks somewhere around 8th or 9th with 1 being the most important issue. Here is my list of the 10 persuits that drive doctors.

Of course 1 is money. 1 defines the 2nd most important issue:

2. Your god complex. This is the same whether it is the Stanford University Medical Center, or a community hospital in Rhinelander Wisconsin. The god complex is derived from having the ability to kill someone or save them. How many doctors get away with murder under the guise of "misdiagnosis"? How many doctors have repressed images of getting their asses kicked in highschool for being nerds? How many doctors would not have those desperate "trophy" house wives if not for their billing agent? How many doctors are walking around with a chip on their shoulders (or even more pretentious, a stethescope)? They're worshipped by not only their patients but nurses as well.

3. Power within one's realm of reality. This power is the power to rule another person's behavior. The ability to demand that they be addressed as Doctor. Do clergy demand that they be addressed as Reverend or Pastor when you first meet them? The only threat to a doctor's power is the administrator where they practice.

4. The car they drive.

5. The neighborhood they reside in.

6. The office building they practice in.

7. The academic societies they belong to.

8. Patient care. Good patient care now days is more of a marketing tool to get repeat visits.

9. Reputation in the Medical Community

10. Being a principal centered member of society. I only put this on the list as most doctors have no clues what it means to be principal centered.

Tomorrow we learn about the fuel that drives the MD's ego: The nurse.


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