Sunday, May 27, 2007

Enjoy Your Memorial Day Weekend

In 1973 I was getting really good at guitar. I was getting the Hendrix riffs down really smooth. But my best friend Chuck Owens was going into the Navy. Chuck and I had just spent the summer playing tennis and cruising the strip together. My father could barely afford to feed me so I joined my buddy Chuck and joined the Navy myself and became a corpsman. It's a whole different world in the military but I'm proud to say that I served. Many times I think about guys my age that hit the clubs and started bands like my highschool buddie "Chirs Isaak" and the guys in the GA Sats, but I'll always be able to say that I did my part keep this country great.
My best goes to those who served, those serving now, and those down in boot camp getting ready to serve.
God be with you and Thank y0u.
Ace out......................


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