Sunday, June 10, 2007

The X-15s version 2.0

Meet the X-15s. At this point; Steve Atwood on drums and Victor Krag on Bass. Soon to come will be Chris Stainton or a reasonable facsimile on the 88's. To quote one of my favorite songwriters, " We rock like ass" .

I always wanted to do two projects:

1. The Acid tones which would be a psychadelic 60's style band and...

2. Broken Arrow (which I have come to find is already a Neil Young tribute band) but It would do stuff like Buffalo Springfield/Stephen Stills/Neil YOungish stuff.

Well, we've edited my originals from Cowboy Hat Blues and American Infidel, threw in some britsh 60's remakes and a couple of turbo charged Neil Young covers and voila, The X-15s have become "Broken Acid" or "The Acid Arrows". Bottom line is We rock. Once we decide on a keyboardist; we'll be coming to a Theatre or concert hall near you.


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