Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Sad Day in Baseball

It's a Barry Bonds world circus finally made it to 755. Hopefully, now the druggy will just go away. Even better; go to jail. Speaking of Jail: I wonder how Barry's good buddy Greg Anderson is doing in prison for not testifying against Barry? And he's no in Jail for refusing to say bonds did steroids; he's in jail for refusing to pruger himself. (thus protecting Bonds) Gee that sure makes the homerun king look legit. (ya think?)

It was good to see commissioner spineless (selig) stand but not appaud or clap when Bonds hit his steroid shot.

And finally; to quote Reggie Jackson;"Aaron will still be the people's Home run King"

PS. The pitcher for S.D. that gave up the dinger to Bonds was a SF draft pick that was released for steroid violations. hmmmmmmmmm


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