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Progressive Ignorance

Communisms Dirty Little Secret
No arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual
fear, and danger of violent death: and the life of man, solitary, poor,
nasty, brutish and short. ~ Thomas Hobbs 1651 (Leviathan)

I can't reference the speaker's name, but I remember that he was an eastern block defector.  He said in an interview that Socialism was impossible.  His premise was based on human nature.  Those who worked hard to earn their money would refuse to give it away to those who refused to work for their survival.  He said eventually the makers would leave the takers or the state would intervene and socialism would eventually become communism. You could either conform or die as we saw in 20th century China and Russia.

As England's prime minister David Cameron so eloquently put it before he was prime minister: "Socialism works until you run out of other people's money and sir you have just spent everyone's money"!

I'm just an old rock musician with a degree in business but I understand this to be true, the principles of  Thomas Robert Malthus still exist. When the birth rate outnumbers the death rate (Which it will in any society) food production must go up or there will be war.  Does that sound familiar?  North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam because of the once rich fertile farmland in the southern Peninsula.  Hitler invaded Russia for Lebensraum or "Living space".  So simple economics comes down to 2 choices:  Free Market Capitalism or Communism.  What some refer to as state run capitalism is still state run.  When you see countries that blossom economically, it's because the people are free to invent and produce.  In countries that allow you to fall back, you breed a nation or culture of those who learn the arts of falling back.
Communism is accurately (and broadly) summed up by the Marxist Creed: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need".  Thomas Hobbes wrote one of the more popular books on economics in 1651 called "Leviathan".  It's a biblical Sea Monster from the Bible but Hobbes used it to describe the government in England during the English civil war.  The introductory segment of this article is from his book.  Liberals praise Hobbes' work.  They cite the line that: "Civil war and the brute situation of a state of nature ("the war of all against all") could only be avoided by a strong undivided government". Communism champions this line to support it's economic philosophy of a one party government.  Communism boasts that everyone is equal (except those in the government) and the "state" will take care of you. (according to your needs) and the state will take from you. (according to your abilities) If you want income "equality" China and Russia are the places for you.

Free Market Capitalism is based on small government with a strong military and self accountability.  Those who succeed do so with courage, education and commitment.   It mirrors Malthus' principles with the concept of Supply and Demand.  This type of economics does not come without a price.  Yet its' principles are based on Judeo Christianity.  It is up to the individual to feed himself and provide for those who can not.  Not the state. 

The Pros and Cons of Communism and Capitalism   
The Pros of Communism: 
Communism offers security for everyone who goes along with the government as long as you are useful.  You belong to the government.  So as an asset (Useful idiot) it is in the state's best interest to feed you and fix you.  Communism is "Life within the walls of the Castle".  We have a similar institution here in America called the correctional system in which the interest is to keep criminals away from the free society.  Which brings us to the Cons of Communism.
The Cons of Communism:
Your life does not belong to you.  You have no freedom or "Bill of Rights".  Without the reward of financial success, you have no motivation to invent.  This is why free societies lead the world in new creations and inventions, thus making them economically successful.  Earlier I said you would be "taken care of if you went along with the state".  You will find that many of the liberties you wipe your feet on in America could land you in a Gulag or dead in a communist country. Ask yourself how many great medical procedures have come from modern Russia or China .  What technology has come out of Communist countries besides the ability to hack American technology.

The Pros of Capitalism:
One word - Freedom
You belong to yourself and are only restricted by how your freedom infringes on others.  In the old days, the sky was the limit on how much money you could make (And Keep) New inventions and technology have extended life so it promotes to the "Summum Bonum" or Greater Good.  The system is a self rewarding system.    You will not be put to death for Party beliefs.  You will not be put to death for being gay.  You are free to worship your religion as long as it does not infringe on others.  (You can not kill someone who does not want to convert to Islam) In a free society, the pie is big enough for everyone.

The Cons of Capitalism:
Any free society is a target for the "Summum Malum" or The Greater Evil.  Freedom must be protected therefor it requires a strong defense mechanism.  We are seeing that the "Summum Malum" can infiltrate the Government and bring down a prosperous economy.  In a free society, you must provide for yourself.  But in not doing so, you are your own punishment.  Instead of a Gulag, you will become a street person or professional beggar.  But even beggars have it better in a free society than in a communist society as the wealthier a nation becomes, the more charitable it can afford to be. 

It may seem unfair, but in a free society, you are responsible for your own well being.  You may have to fly coach while others fly in first class.  You may die because you can not have weight reduction surgery when the wealthy can afford a stomach band.  But if you need weight reduction surgery, you are obviously not starving.  I'd rather be down and out in Beverly Hills than in Moscow.


And Now Communism's Dirty little Secret
LIFE IS NOT SACRED.  Once you lose your abilities; you lose your needs. DEATH is an important aspect in the BALANCE of Communism. (refer to Malthus)  The only thing that is Sacred is the Party.  Under Communism, your life is only as valuable as it is an asset to the party. 
Не один шаг назад
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