Wednesday, April 25, 2007

4 out of 5 and Still ALIVE and well (sort of)

The Top 5 stresses in adult life are:

1. Death of a loved one

2. Divorce

3. Moving

4. Starting a new Job

5. Taxes

(and I might add: trying to get your car smog certified in California)

I've survived all of these this year (almost, my registration expires in July) And altho I can't say I survived the death of a Loved One, I consider all our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other little third world crapistans as my brothers in arms.

November 2nd I was served Divorce Papers, but they were dismissed on January 23rd. C and I moved back in together officially on April 14th.

I moved to Monterey on October 28th. (The same day I lost my beloved cat, so I guess I did meet the criteria for all 5 stresses.

October 2nd, I started a new day job.

And 8 days ago, I sent a couple thousand dollars to my favorite Bomb buliding company. USA USA, USA.

And Life Goes On.

Ace out.....................

ps. Here's the view from the new house