Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The greatest Gumbo Recipe in the WORLD


This is by no means a "definitive" gumbo recipe. There are an almost infinite number of ways of making gumbo, but this is the way I make it. I say with no trace of arrogance and with complete honesty that this may well be the best gumbo you've ever had.
I call this my "everything" gumbo. It's a bit unusual in that the chicken stock is also infused with a seafood flavor from the shrimp shells and heads, and that it contains chicken, sausage and seafood. I believe this makes for a much richer and more complex set of flavors for the gumbo. Get this recipe while you can -- if I ever end up serving this in a restaurant I'm not going to give my secrets away anymore ... :-)

Remember that you MUST go through the stock making process for this dish; plain water or a canned stock will simply not do. I cannot overemphasize the importance of this step. Yes, you'll see gumbo recipes that call for plain water, but I do not believe that it's worth it to make a gumbo this way. You simply cannot get the depth and multi-layered complexity of flavors without starting with a homemade stock. Don't believe me? Listen to one of your fellow Gumbo Pages readers who wrote me and said,

"Just wanted to tell you that I used your recipe off the Gumbo Page, and went ahead, on your pleading, and spent a whole day making the stock. It's the best gumbo I have ever made."
-- Bill D.

So there.
The stock can be made in advance and refrigerated or frozen.

A couple of alternate versions: Some people really don't like okra. I feel sorry for these people. You can convert this from an okra gumbo into a filé gumbo by omitting the okra, and when the gumbo's finished turning off the head, sprinkling 1 to 2 teaspoons of filé powder over the surface of the gumbo. Cover and let stand for 15 minutes, then stir the filé powder into the gumbo. Once this has been done, any leftover gumbo may only be gently reheated; if this is brought to a boil again, the filé will turn stringy and have an unpleasant consistency.

Also, if you want a more elegant-looking gumbo (rather than this version, which is rather rustic), remove the chicken from the bones, cut into chunks and add the meat back to the gumbo; also, instead of using whole crabs that you have to crack, omit them and add a pound and a half of good white crabmeat along with the shrimp near the end of cooking. DO NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES use the artificial crab substitute known as "krab" or "surimi". If you served anything like this to a Louisianian, you'd better be prepared to run for your life.

8 quarts cold water
8-10 pounds chicken parts (backs, necks, etc.) and bones, or a whole chicken, cut up and oven-browned
Shrimp shells and heads, reserved from the 4 pounds of shrimp that have been peeled for the final step of the gumbo (the heads are very important!)
8 ounces onions, chopped
4 ounces celery with tops, chopped
4 ounces carrots, chopped
2 heads garlic, cut in half horizontally
Sachet d'épices: In a small cheesecloth bag or tea ball, place:
1 teaspoon or so black peppercorns, cracked
A few parsley stems
1 bayleaf
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme leaves
1/2 teaspoon dried tarragon leaves
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano leaves
1/2 teaspoon dried basil leaves
(If at all possible, please try to get shrimp with the heads on. Shrimp heads impart a wonderful flavor to the stock, and it just ain't the same as a real New Orleans gumbo without them. Do whatever you have to do. In many cities you'll have better luck at Asian seafood markets.)
Remove the skin from the chicken and chop into 3-4 inch pieces, making sure to cut through and expose the bones. Brown the chicken parts and bones in a 350°F oven for about 20 minutes. Put the chicken in the stockpot with the water and bring slowly to a simmer. Periodically skim off any scum that forms, and if you wish use a skimmer to skim off the fat. (This stock simmering process makes your house smell REALLY good!) Let this simmer for at least three, and preferably four hours. It is this long simmering process that extracts the maximum flavor from the chicken meat and bones, as well as the natural gelatin from the bones. When refrigerated, a good chicken stock will be clear and gelatinous (and in fact will set like Jello when refrigerated, if you've done it properly).

Add the onion, garlic, carrots and celery. Place the peppercorns, parsley sprigs and dried herbs into a 4-inch square piece of cheesecloth or large tea ball (making what's called a sachet d'epices) and tie it into a little sack; add the sack to the stock (you can tie the sack closed with some twine and tie the long end of the twine to the handle of the pot; this makes the bag easier to retrieve.) Simmer for one more hour, then add the shrimp shells and heads. Simmer an additional 30 minutes.

Remember that during the simmering process, it's best not to stir the stock. The end result will be much clearer if it is not agitated while simmering.

Strain thoroughly; the best way to do this is to ladle the stock out and pour it through a strainer which has been lined with a couple of layers of damp cheesecloth. If you're using the stock immediately, skim off as much fat as you can with a fat skimmer or a piece of paper towel, otherwise cool the stock right away by placing the container into an ice-water-filled sink, stirring to bring the hot liquid from the center to the sides of the container. Don't just put hot stock in the refrigerator; it won't cool enough to prevent possible multiplication of harmful bacteria. (A neat trick I learned recently -- fill Ziploc freezer bags with water and freeze them, then place the bags of ice into the stock; this will cool the stock without diluting it!) To defat the stock easily, refrigerate so that the fat solidifies on the surface, then skim off.

Makes about 5 quarts of stock.

(Except for the shrimp shells, this is an excellent general-purpose chicken stock. The shells and heads are added at the last minute for the additional seafood flavor for that I like especially for this dish; for general use, though, it's best to make separate chicken or fish stocks. The stock will keep for a few days in the refrigerator or 6 months in the freezer.)

1-1/4 cups flour
1 cup oil
Blend thoroughly in a thick skillet and cook over medium-high to high heat, stirring CONSTANTLY. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO BURN IT!! If you see black specks in the roux, you've screwed it up. Dump it out and start over. Keep cooking and stirring until the roux gets darker and darker. It's best to use a very heavy bot or skillet for roux-making, especially cast iron. With a good cast iron Dutch oven or skillet, you can get a beautiful dark roux in only about 20 minutes.
New Orleans people tend to like a blond or peanut butter colored roux, so feel free to make it that way if you like. Cajuns tend to like it dark, and so do I -- if you feel comfortable that you won't burn the roux, cook it until it's a dark, reddish-brown, almost but not quite as dark as milk chocolate. The roux, when finished, almost smells like roasted coffee ... yum!

If you prefer a blond or medium roux, cut down on the amount of roux you use; dark roux does not have as much thickening effect since the starch is so thoroughy cooked.

You should turn the fire down or off as the roux nears the right color, because the heat from the pan will continue cooking it. You can also add your onions, bell peppers and celery to the roux as it's near the end of cooking to arrest the cooking process and to soften the vegetables (this is the way I like to do it). KEEP STIRRING until the roux is relatively cool. Add the roux to the stock.

They don't call roux "Cajun napalm" for nothing. Don't let any splatter on you, or you'll get a nasty burn. Stir carefully.

If you don't have a heavy enough pan, or if you're nervous about cooking roux at high heat, remember that a dark Cajun-style roux will take about an hour of constant stirring at low heat, so if you're pressed for time, a nice blond Creole-style roux will still do nicely, and will take about half the time. Also remember that the roux can be prepared in advance, and refrigerated or frozen. With a little practice, you'll get good at it.

1 chicken or guinea hen, without giblets, cut up
1 to 1-1/2 pounds andouillesausage, sliced about 1/4" thick on the bias (you may substitute hot or mild smoked sausage if good andouille isn't available) and/or fresh Creole hot sausage, browned
4 pounds shrimp, peeled and deveined
6 blue crabs, cleaned, broken in half and claws pulled off (or for a more elegant looking gumbo, omit and instead add 1-1/2 pounds lump white crabmeat, picked over for shells and cartilage)
3 pounds okra, sliced (leave out if you don't like okra, but be sure to add filé at the end if you leave out the okra)
2 onions, chopped
1 bunch green onions with tops, chopped
2 bell peppers, chopped
5 ribs celery, chopped
several cloves garlic, minced
3 bay leaves
1 bunch fresh parsley, chopped
Creole seasoning to taste, OR
black, white and cayenne peppers, to taste
Salt to taste
Few dashes Tabasco, or to taste.
1 - 2 tablespoons filé powder (ONLY IF YOU DON'T USE OKRA!)
Steaming hot Louisiana long-grain rice
Sprinkle the chicken pieces with Creole seasoning and brown in the oven. Slice the sausage and brown, pouring off all the fat (especially if you're using fresh Creole hot sausage).
Sauté the onions, green onions, bell pepper and celery if you haven't already added them to the roux, and add to the stock. Add the chicken and sausage(s). Add the bay leaves and Creole seasoning (or ground peppers) to taste and stir. Bring to a boil and immediately reduce to a simmer; let simmer for about 45 minutes. Keep tasting and adjusting seasonings as needed.

Add the okra and cook another 30 minutes or so. Make sure that the "ropiness" or "stringiness" from the okra is gone, add the parsley, crab halves and claws (if you're using them). Cook for another 15 minutes, then add the shrimp (and if you've omitted the hard-shell crabs, add the lump crabmeat now). Give it another 6-8 minutes or so, until the shrimp are just done, turning pink. Be very careful not to overcook the shrimp; adding the shrimp should be the very last step.

If there is any fat on the surface of the gumbo, try to skim off as much of it as possible.

Serve generous amounts in bowls over about 1/2 cup of hot rice -- claws, shells, bones and all (if you've made the original "rustic" version). Remember that the rice goes in the bowl first, and it is not an optional step, despite the trend among some New Orleans restaurants to serve a riceless gumbo.

You may, if you like, sprinkle a small amount of gumbo filé in your individual serving for a little more flavor; just remember that if you're making a filé gumbo, it should be added to the pot off the fire for its proper thickening action.

I labored for years refining this recipe. If you make this gumbo and serve it to your guests without crediting me and singing my name, very VERY bad voodoo gris-gris will be sent in your direction (I've got a gris-gris daemon running as a background process) ... so watch it!

(Okay, just kidding ... all I really want is for you to enjoy it! :^)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Great to be back...................

Well, I've been down for a week. I came across one of those dang ol' innernet problems that drive ya crazy. Turns out, my damn Linksys router decided to die on me, but not all at once. It just decided not to let me access certain sites like my blogger console. I couldn't figure out why Terry Anderson was able to continue to blog while I was unable to even connect to blogger.com.

So I just plugged directily into the cable box and it worked fine. So after a half hour of screwing with a new router, we're back on line. Lots of stories to share from over the week. Chinese new year was yesterday. (Year of the Dog). I'll have more news in the next 24 hours.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Meeting a Politician...............

In 1968, there was an election that changed my life as a child. It was the same year that a young Bobby Kennedy was murdered in Los Angeles by an Islamic terrorist Sirhan Sirhan. It was the year that Richard Milhouse Nixon was elected. It was a big year for politics. My father owned a little diner on the outskirts of town. It was a great restaurant that had many regulars. One of the regulars was John J. McFall. democrat congressman. Congressman McFall lived a few doors down from us. (my father and I) So it was quite a treat to get to talk to an important person in the field of politics. I was 12 in 1968 and I got very involved in helping his re-election campagn. Of course, I was a young democrat.

Winston Churchill wrote:"If you're not a liberal in your youth you don't have a heart. If you're not a conservative in your adult life, you don't have a brain".

I continued to be supportive of the civil rights movement at the time. But between the late 60's and the late 70's a change happened. America started addressing civil rights. Minorities and women starting getting equal rights. The problem was, the ACLU had outlived it's purpose. It had become a land mind that hadn't gotten diffused after the war.

Consequently, when I started paying real taxes and saw where my money was going, (during the Carter Administration) I changed allegiances and became a republican. I will indeed vote for a democrat if he's the right person, but it's hard for anyone these days to be a democrat and ignore the idiot Charles Schumers, Barbara Boxers, Dianh Feinsteins, Joseph Biddons, Nancy Pelosis,Ted Kennedys and Howard Deans of the party. The Democrats will never outright win another election until the thinking and mindset of these hippies change.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Meeting Bill Graham...............

Meeting Bill "Wolfgang Grajonca" Graham (not Billy Graham the Evagelist) was one of the most unexpected pleasures for me. I have a fond yet sad memory of meeting Mr.Graham. In August of 1991 I was backstage at an Eric Clapton concert in the Oakland Arena. This was a huge event as Phil Collins, Nathan East and Greg Phillingames were touring as Eric's band. Back stage I also got to meet Carlos Santana as well as the chance to exchange unpleasantries with Neal Schon. (That's a whole nother blog in itself)

Well after the show, I was sitting on the back of(actually I was just leaning up against it) a seafoam green convertable XKE Jaguar v-12. A guy in a brown tattered leather bomber jacket came up to me and said, "hey you're sitting on my car". I looked up and Yup, Bill Graham of all people. I said I was sorry and shook his hand. I said, "Hey, someday you'll be managing me" (in a cocky sort of rebuttle). But it wasn't to be. 2 months later on October 25th, Bill died in a Helocopter crash near Vallejo California.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Meeting Neil Young..............

In 2001, I had season tickets for the San Jose Sharks. At the first intermission, I (dressed like a rocker) went to the private lounge for a beer. Upon buying the beer, a stranger that recognized me as a musician came up to me and said, "hey, that's Neil Young over there". Turns out Neils seats were just 4 rows behind mine. So Corrine and I walked over to the table that Neil and Ben (his son) were sitting at, and I introduced myself and Corrine to him and he kindly shook my hand. I told him what an influence his music was on my music and he said "cool - Thanks". Then I mentioned that Corrine and I were getting married soon, and he congratulated us.

Not wanting to seem like I was imposing, I made the conversation brief and said good-bye. Upon leaving Neil said, "Hey............. Go Sharks". I just smiled back as I was a Montreal Canadiens fan at the time. I've since shared allegiance with the Sharks. But anytime I want to talk to Neil now, I know where to find him.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Playing with Tom Bowers...............

Tom had just got back from a tour with Jacky Payne/Little Richard in England just after the release of "Cowboy Hat Blues". From that point on, I rarely did a show without Tom. In fact Tom was so driven that he was doing Sunday morning acoustic shows in Marin county after we would do a show that ended at 1pm in the delta. Tom also appears on the ACE LIVE DVD. When I left for the northwest, Tom became the full time Bassist for Johnny Nitro and the Doorslammers. I look forward to working with Tom again in the near future.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

How did it all start?????????

I had gotten a response back in 1998 from Kenny Loggins on a question I had sent him regarding the liklihood of Loggins and Messina getting back together. (a letter for another day) So in response I explained my situation to him. I was a single father with chops from here to liverpool. But I felt like I was dying a slow death in the medical field. So I simply asked Kenny what he would do. Here's his reply:

Dear Dr Guitar,

Kenny would follow his heart, but hey, Kenny can, he's a pop star. Right? Or is he a pop star because he followed his heart? Shit. Now that's a question, ain't it?

Is it possible that somehow we all must follow our hearts if we are to live full, enriching lives? One could even argue that perhaps no one can afford NOT to listen to their inner passion.

Look at it this way; what are you teaching your children? 1) Follow your heart (your inner fire) and God will do the rest, or 2) Love one thing but do the other, thus reaping financial status but living a passionless life.

I'm sorry to be so hard on you, but you're a bright guy with a full life ahead if you grab it by the love handles and fuck it with all your might.

Ideas: 1) Use your talents and brains to incorporate your passion into your work. There's lots or research being done on the healing power of music. Or, 2) reinvent yourself entirely before it's too late.

What you're dealing with here is a valid mid life crisis delivering you the emotional clarity to reexamine your life and motivations and, if you let yourself feel it, give you a window of opportunity. (This is really an issue of self esteem and faith in a higher power) "Seize the day!"

Recommended reading: "Understanding Men's Passages" by Gail Sheehy.


This was sent to me by Kenny on Fri, 30 Mar 2001

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some of the Best Musicians I've played with............

NOt counting singing bg vox on stage for Rick Derringer in San Francisco or Matt Guitar Murphy in Chicago, I've had the chance to play with some wonderful musicians. The firt that comes to mind is RICK JENSEN. Rick can be seen and heard on the "ACE LIVE" DVD. Rick is a hard playing drummer that sounds very much like Tommy Aldrige. (Ted Nugent/Pat Travers) Rick and I think on the same rhythm line and it shows. Those of you young up and coming drummers in the Bay area are fortunate as (until Ace gets his first contract) Rick teaches drums full time in Dublin California.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Kill em dead...........................

Tonight at midnight, California will put to sleep another murderer. Clarence Ray Allan (I think is his name) is an aged convict that's legally blind, and needs a wheelchair to get around in. His attorney is saying that the death penalty at this point would be "cruel and unusual" punsihment. Actually, I think it would be quite the opposite. I'm sure he should be getting the support from the pro-death people that were chanting "Let Terri Schiavo die". You would think the State of California would be putting him out of his misery.

Once again, we hear the same liberal rhetoric from the loonies on the left. "What good is killing this old man going to do?" "Were not going to be any SAFER with him dead". etc......

I'll tell you exactly what killing Mr. Allen is going to do. It's going to enforce the death Penalty. It doesn't matter if your young, old or write childrens books. If you kill someone and get the DP, you're gonna die by way of that pesky little needle.

God believes in the death penalty. He allowed his son Jesus to suffer the cruel punishment of man by way of the death penalty. If it was accepted by God for his Son. I don't see where so called humaitarians get off saying it's wrong. Killing innocent people is wrong. Killing killers is survival.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Would you trust a professional...............

That offered you a "Free Counseltation"??????

Sorry, we have no matches for Counseltation.
Did you mean Consultation?

Some things really get my goat. People that respond "good", when asked how they are. (proper response is "fine", good is an adverb) But the latest ignorant trend is for ad agents to release commercials that offer "Free Counseltations" for either laser eye surgery or investing techniques.

Do they mean counseling? Or do they mean consultations? But there's no such word as COUNSELTATION. UUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. Would you let someone touch you that used such language? How do these idiots start ad agencies? And how do they find idiots that will spend money on their poor English?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Meeting Stephen Covey......................

Back in 1995, I picked up a book that changed my life. I wanted to become successful. So while in Office Depot (of all places) I saw a book called The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Written by Stephen Covey. In Stephen's book, he writes about the importance of Character (what you are) over Personality (what you do) . He said it was easy to change your personality. You could do it overnight. But to change your character takes courage and time.

Example; Character is what you do when nobody is looking, or you have nothing to lose. Personality is what you conciously tell yourself to do in a set situation to achieve a desired result. Character is what you are truly on the inside. Personality is what you choose to show people on the outside.

In 1997 I got a chance to meet Stephen Covey. I sat thru a wonderful speech that he gave for about 500 people, then I stood in line to shake his hand afterwards. Upon getting to meet him, I whispered to him "Thanks for changing my life". At which he responded by grabbing my hand back again and he looked me in the eyes and said " NO, Thank you".

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

SHUT UP TED...................

Arlen Specter did everything but tell Ted Kennedy to shut his fat ass up and sit down. All this while Diane Frankensten is spoon feeding Kennedy words to say. SHUT UP DIANH.

I'm waiting for Joseph Alito to get up and call Kennedy a murderer and Feinstein a treasoner for her husband's dealing with China.

What a circus the demos are trying to make of judge Alito's appointment. And it's all the usual perverted Democrat jesters Feinstein/Kennedy and Schumer oh my........... Sit down all of you thugs.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Movies....................

My favorite movie, (if you visited inside Ace's Head) is still Casablanca. I don't know how it got to be my favorite movie. I had seen it several times a a child but it wasn't until I was 21 or 22 that I actually kept an eye on the TV guide schedule and waited to see it on TV. (This was well before VCRs) In College (78-81) I recall writing a number of Essays on Casablance. My favorite would have been my "argumentative" Essay defining the multiple ending possibilities.

Fast forward 25 years. Hollywood is complainig that Movie attendance is down to a 15 year low. You can't blame it on DVD sales, because they're down 25 percent from last year. Is it possible that Hollywood has lost it's ability to write decent scripts? When you hear trailers talking about "critically acclaimed" favorite "Brokeback Mountain", a movie about Gay cowboys, you have to see a hughe disconnect between Hollywood and the public. Now I'm not going down the "Gay Agenda" road, nor am I going to call it a conspiracy, but I think that the immorality in Hollywood is trying to spread it's self as quickly as the HIV virus.

If it's not sexual perversity; it's blatant indiscreminant violence. Again, is it just getting that hard to write scripts? The best grossing movies have been remakes. (and some of the worst, see fun with dick and jane~ on second thought, don't waste your money) But how many times is Hollywood going to remake Godzilla and King Kong?

Casablanca is a heterosexual love story. Yes it has Nazis. Yes it is staged in exotic north Africa. But to the best of my knowledge, only 4 bullets were fired in the whole movie. The movie is about selflessness not selfishness. The movie is about the sacrifices made for true love. There's no "lust" except for the bar tender's secret desire for Rick's girlfriend which was not related to the plot.

There were very little to no special effects in this movie. The only special effects were a down-sized airplane in a hangar that was being worked on by midgets. The airplane was a fake model. The airplane in the opening scene was a fake model. These were the only special FXs used on this low budget "B-movie". The midgets were used to make the model look full scale.

Hollywood only has it's self to blame for low box office turn outs.

The original character of "Rick Blaine" (played by Humphry Bogart) was suppose to have been played by Ronald Reagan.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Off the Hook.......................

I had read part of "The late great Planet Earth" back in the late 70's. Then after that, L. Ron Hubbard slipped into a low profile then started writing "self-help" literature. In the coming years, he would go on to develop the "Church of Scientology". Scientology is in essence, a religion of Science fiction based on exter-terestrials. Some of Scientology's more popular members include Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley and John Travolta.

However; I was completely shocked to find recently that Greta Van Susteren is a major player in the church of UFO's. Below is an excerpt that quotes her involvement in Scientology:

Greta Van Susteren on Scientology

But what kind of religious mission motivates Van Susteren? St. Petersburg Times reporter Mary Jacoby discovered that Van Susteren belongs to Scientology, "a religion that teaches of Xenu, evil head of the Galactic Confederation" who "flew people to Teegeeack (Earth) 75-million years ago in space ships, chained them to volcanos and blew them up with hydrogen bombs, releasing exploded 'thetas'T that are now the source of most human suffering."
Once said in the Washington Post that she is a Scientologist ("I like the ethics") and in People ("I'm a strong advocate of their ethics"). Ethics in Scientology is not the same as in the real world. It means to "remove counter-intentions from the environment", i.e. to get the job done and apply Scientology. Greta has done this for many years at CNN and before, although she has tried to keep a rather low profile on the Scientology angle of these activities
Greta Van SusterenTalking Head .

I guess Fox news really takes being "Fair and Balanced" to the extremes as they now cater to Space Alien worshippers.

WHAT?????? is this world coming to?

Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm not a Bill O'Reilly Fan but............

He sure exposed David Letterman for what an idiotic liberal he is. And to a large degree, David played the perfect Liberal. He was uninformed, governed by pure emotion and ultimately a name caller out of ignorance. Bill had his way with David.

But David starts out by asking Bill how his Holidays went. Bill responded "I had a fine winter solstice". He went on to talk about how he recieved a card saying "have a blessed winter". He then said, I live in NYC, you know what you can do with your blessed winter. Then David started calling Bill an instigator. Bill brought up many instances where liberals and seculars were attacking Christmas including the nativity scene in a Memphis Library that told a woman she could have the manger scene, but Jesus, Joseph, Mary had to go, and they weren't sure about the 3 wise men. Letterman said that O'Reilly was making this up. (David shows he wants to be ignorant) Then david said, that the incidents Bill cited would not effect him. (of course not, he lives behind 20 foot walls and has a social disconnect with real America)

Then the topic switched to IRAQ. Here's an excerpt from the show via O'Reilly.com
The subject quickly shifted to Iraq, a conflict both Letterman and I believe has been poorly managed. We also found common ground on the terrific performance of the U.S. military.
But then Cindy Sheehan came up. Uh-oh.
Dave, as well as many in the entertainment community, feels that Ms. Sheehan should not be criticized. He believes she is above reproach because her son Casey was killed in Iraq.
I do not see it that way, so sparks flew. My contention is that Ms. Sheehan is entitled to grieve and dissent in any way she wants, but her grief is being exploited by far-left elements.
And when Ms. Sheehan told Mark Knoller, a correspondent for CBS radio, that the terrorists in Iraq were "freedom fighters," she insulted thousands of other Americans who lost loved ones in Iraq.
Simply put, terrorists who blow up civilians, women and children are not freedom fighters in any sense. They are murderers and I called Mr. Letterman on Sheehan's support of them.

After Bill scores an applause when he says "anyone who calls terrorists that blow up women and children freedom fighters aren't welcome on my show (referring to C. Sheehan) David starts to decompose. He responds by saying "I'm not smart enough to debate you on a point by point basis" . (true typical liberal attitude, think with your heart, not your brain) Then like a typical liberal, he starts name calling. He tells Bill, "I can't prove it, but I think that 60 percent of all you say is crap". (again, typical liberal ignorance)

Then Bill says, "Have you ever watched the show?"

David "No, I don't watch your show".
Bill " Then how do you know it's crap?"
David " I read stuff about it".
Bill, "Oh come on, and you believe it? Do you read what they say about you? (laughter breaks out)

Boom, David is down for the 1- 2- 3 .

Although I don't entirely care for Bill O'rielly, he chewed up and spit out David Letterman and exposed him for the "Celebrity Liberal" that he is. If you care to watch the whole ten minute fight try this. http://www.billoreilly.com/site/preview?pid=3683

Monday, January 02, 2006

Meatless 2006...............

It's my goal to eleminate Meat from my diet this year. I want to stop eating BEFF (first) Then Pork (except on Christmas and Easter, gotta have those Baby Backs) and lastly, Chicken and Turkey.

I did start the New Year off with Frog Legs, Collard Greens and Black eyed Peas. mmmmmmmm. I also started out by writing new material for the new album. (with a little help from Terry Anderson)

If anyone has any tips for going non-conivore, please email me.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

HAPPY 2006...............

We'll we made it to another year. Some of us left our loved ones behind in 2005 but we're sure to be reunited with them again in the next 100 years or so.

Here's to all of us having a prolific, prosporus, and Happy New Year.