Monday, January 09, 2006

The Movies....................

My favorite movie, (if you visited inside Ace's Head) is still Casablanca. I don't know how it got to be my favorite movie. I had seen it several times a a child but it wasn't until I was 21 or 22 that I actually kept an eye on the TV guide schedule and waited to see it on TV. (This was well before VCRs) In College (78-81) I recall writing a number of Essays on Casablance. My favorite would have been my "argumentative" Essay defining the multiple ending possibilities.

Fast forward 25 years. Hollywood is complainig that Movie attendance is down to a 15 year low. You can't blame it on DVD sales, because they're down 25 percent from last year. Is it possible that Hollywood has lost it's ability to write decent scripts? When you hear trailers talking about "critically acclaimed" favorite "Brokeback Mountain", a movie about Gay cowboys, you have to see a hughe disconnect between Hollywood and the public. Now I'm not going down the "Gay Agenda" road, nor am I going to call it a conspiracy, but I think that the immorality in Hollywood is trying to spread it's self as quickly as the HIV virus.

If it's not sexual perversity; it's blatant indiscreminant violence. Again, is it just getting that hard to write scripts? The best grossing movies have been remakes. (and some of the worst, see fun with dick and jane~ on second thought, don't waste your money) But how many times is Hollywood going to remake Godzilla and King Kong?

Casablanca is a heterosexual love story. Yes it has Nazis. Yes it is staged in exotic north Africa. But to the best of my knowledge, only 4 bullets were fired in the whole movie. The movie is about selflessness not selfishness. The movie is about the sacrifices made for true love. There's no "lust" except for the bar tender's secret desire for Rick's girlfriend which was not related to the plot.

There were very little to no special effects in this movie. The only special effects were a down-sized airplane in a hangar that was being worked on by midgets. The airplane was a fake model. The airplane in the opening scene was a fake model. These were the only special FXs used on this low budget "B-movie". The midgets were used to make the model look full scale.

Hollywood only has it's self to blame for low box office turn outs.

The original character of "Rick Blaine" (played by Humphry Bogart) was suppose to have been played by Ronald Reagan.


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