Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm not a Bill O'Reilly Fan but............

He sure exposed David Letterman for what an idiotic liberal he is. And to a large degree, David played the perfect Liberal. He was uninformed, governed by pure emotion and ultimately a name caller out of ignorance. Bill had his way with David.

But David starts out by asking Bill how his Holidays went. Bill responded "I had a fine winter solstice". He went on to talk about how he recieved a card saying "have a blessed winter". He then said, I live in NYC, you know what you can do with your blessed winter. Then David started calling Bill an instigator. Bill brought up many instances where liberals and seculars were attacking Christmas including the nativity scene in a Memphis Library that told a woman she could have the manger scene, but Jesus, Joseph, Mary had to go, and they weren't sure about the 3 wise men. Letterman said that O'Reilly was making this up. (David shows he wants to be ignorant) Then david said, that the incidents Bill cited would not effect him. (of course not, he lives behind 20 foot walls and has a social disconnect with real America)

Then the topic switched to IRAQ. Here's an excerpt from the show via O'
The subject quickly shifted to Iraq, a conflict both Letterman and I believe has been poorly managed. We also found common ground on the terrific performance of the U.S. military.
But then Cindy Sheehan came up. Uh-oh.
Dave, as well as many in the entertainment community, feels that Ms. Sheehan should not be criticized. He believes she is above reproach because her son Casey was killed in Iraq.
I do not see it that way, so sparks flew. My contention is that Ms. Sheehan is entitled to grieve and dissent in any way she wants, but her grief is being exploited by far-left elements.
And when Ms. Sheehan told Mark Knoller, a correspondent for CBS radio, that the terrorists in Iraq were "freedom fighters," she insulted thousands of other Americans who lost loved ones in Iraq.
Simply put, terrorists who blow up civilians, women and children are not freedom fighters in any sense. They are murderers and I called Mr. Letterman on Sheehan's support of them.

After Bill scores an applause when he says "anyone who calls terrorists that blow up women and children freedom fighters aren't welcome on my show (referring to C. Sheehan) David starts to decompose. He responds by saying "I'm not smart enough to debate you on a point by point basis" . (true typical liberal attitude, think with your heart, not your brain) Then like a typical liberal, he starts name calling. He tells Bill, "I can't prove it, but I think that 60 percent of all you say is crap". (again, typical liberal ignorance)

Then Bill says, "Have you ever watched the show?"

David "No, I don't watch your show".
Bill " Then how do you know it's crap?"
David " I read stuff about it".
Bill, "Oh come on, and you believe it? Do you read what they say about you? (laughter breaks out)

Boom, David is down for the 1- 2- 3 .

Although I don't entirely care for Bill O'rielly, he chewed up and spit out David Letterman and exposed him for the "Celebrity Liberal" that he is. If you care to watch the whole ten minute fight try this.


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