Saturday, January 21, 2006

Meeting Neil Young..............

In 2001, I had season tickets for the San Jose Sharks. At the first intermission, I (dressed like a rocker) went to the private lounge for a beer. Upon buying the beer, a stranger that recognized me as a musician came up to me and said, "hey, that's Neil Young over there". Turns out Neils seats were just 4 rows behind mine. So Corrine and I walked over to the table that Neil and Ben (his son) were sitting at, and I introduced myself and Corrine to him and he kindly shook my hand. I told him what an influence his music was on my music and he said "cool - Thanks". Then I mentioned that Corrine and I were getting married soon, and he congratulated us.

Not wanting to seem like I was imposing, I made the conversation brief and said good-bye. Upon leaving Neil said, "Hey............. Go Sharks". I just smiled back as I was a Montreal Canadiens fan at the time. I've since shared allegiance with the Sharks. But anytime I want to talk to Neil now, I know where to find him.


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