Thursday, January 19, 2006

How did it all start?????????

I had gotten a response back in 1998 from Kenny Loggins on a question I had sent him regarding the liklihood of Loggins and Messina getting back together. (a letter for another day) So in response I explained my situation to him. I was a single father with chops from here to liverpool. But I felt like I was dying a slow death in the medical field. So I simply asked Kenny what he would do. Here's his reply:

Dear Dr Guitar,

Kenny would follow his heart, but hey, Kenny can, he's a pop star. Right? Or is he a pop star because he followed his heart? Shit. Now that's a question, ain't it?

Is it possible that somehow we all must follow our hearts if we are to live full, enriching lives? One could even argue that perhaps no one can afford NOT to listen to their inner passion.

Look at it this way; what are you teaching your children? 1) Follow your heart (your inner fire) and God will do the rest, or 2) Love one thing but do the other, thus reaping financial status but living a passionless life.

I'm sorry to be so hard on you, but you're a bright guy with a full life ahead if you grab it by the love handles and fuck it with all your might.

Ideas: 1) Use your talents and brains to incorporate your passion into your work. There's lots or research being done on the healing power of music. Or, 2) reinvent yourself entirely before it's too late.

What you're dealing with here is a valid mid life crisis delivering you the emotional clarity to reexamine your life and motivations and, if you let yourself feel it, give you a window of opportunity. (This is really an issue of self esteem and faith in a higher power) "Seize the day!"

Recommended reading: "Understanding Men's Passages" by Gail Sheehy.


This was sent to me by Kenny on Fri, 30 Mar 2001


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