Monday, January 16, 2006

Kill em dead...........................

Tonight at midnight, California will put to sleep another murderer. Clarence Ray Allan (I think is his name) is an aged convict that's legally blind, and needs a wheelchair to get around in. His attorney is saying that the death penalty at this point would be "cruel and unusual" punsihment. Actually, I think it would be quite the opposite. I'm sure he should be getting the support from the pro-death people that were chanting "Let Terri Schiavo die". You would think the State of California would be putting him out of his misery.

Once again, we hear the same liberal rhetoric from the loonies on the left. "What good is killing this old man going to do?" "Were not going to be any SAFER with him dead". etc......

I'll tell you exactly what killing Mr. Allen is going to do. It's going to enforce the death Penalty. It doesn't matter if your young, old or write childrens books. If you kill someone and get the DP, you're gonna die by way of that pesky little needle.

God believes in the death penalty. He allowed his son Jesus to suffer the cruel punishment of man by way of the death penalty. If it was accepted by God for his Son. I don't see where so called humaitarians get off saying it's wrong. Killing innocent people is wrong. Killing killers is survival.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God allowed a horrible thing to be done so that he could say he forgives us, and we could be forgiven. I don't think God ever said killing is ok, because that would be kind of contradictory to Thou Shalt Not Kill, wouldn't it? Or do we have the same right to make judgments like God? Or did he tell us not to judge lest ye be judged?

Or is God the most ancient theory used to explain previously unknown facts, and later used to manipulate and appease the masses? hmm..

6:53 PM  
Blogger Ace said...

Yes, God did say you should not kill. If you do, the price is an eye for an eye. He also said obey your master and the law.

And Judge not less ye be judge refers to the criteria that you use to judge others. What's good for the goose etc......

As for is God an ancient theory? I wouldn't wait til you're on your death bed to decide.

7:32 PM  

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