Monday, June 30, 2008

Money: It's just the way it is

Once I lived the life of a millionaire,
Spent all my money, I had not one care
Took all my friends out for a mighty good time
Bought bootleg whisky, champagne and wine.

Then I began to fall so low
Lost all my good friends, had nowhere to go.
I get my hands on that dollar again,
I'm gonna hang on to it till that old eagle grins.

Cause no, no, nobody knows you
When you're down and out.
In your pocket, not one penny,
And as for friends, you don't have any.

When you finally get back upon your feet again,
Everybody wants to be your good old long-lost friend.
Said it's mighty strange,Nobody knows you, Nobody knows you,
Nobody knows you when you're down and out.
Why is it that money can make or break a person or a relationship? Often times it's totally out of your hands. But if you're steadily trading hours for dollars, then you're accepted. Nothing shows you what your relationship is like until you lose your income.

Ironically, Win the lottery and your friends come out of the woodwork.

So why shouldn't man have a "love" for money? It's true money can't buy you happiness. But poverty will buy you a whole lot of loneliness. You could be the nicest guy in the world but lose your job and you're among the "unfortunate". I bet it was easier when my ancestors were killing animals for survival. Nobody could take away your bow and arrow. But now, we do things the "White man" way. You have 3 choices, Work for the man. lol, Work for yourself by starting your own business, or work the system. ie, welfare, food stamps and section 8 housing.

All 3 have major drawbacks.

Working the system has no future.

Working for someone else has a dismal future

And working for yourself takes balls.

As more jobs get "outsourced" to China and Asia, the unemployment rate will continue to rise.

The Bible preaches: "The Love of Money is the ROOT of MANY Evils" (this is always misquoted) But in our time, money is no different from air, water, food and shelter. It's a need. I don't have a "love" for air. I don't have a love for "water". But take them away and see what happens. The same can be said for money. The response time is just longer. People have commited suicide over money. The biggest cause for divorce is money. (either making it or not having it) People are in jail for not paying the government their share of it.

It goes on.

What's my advise? Be a Millionaire. Read some Wallace Wattle books or Napoleon Hill books. But take as much of it as you can get your hands on. Remove the word greed from your vocabulary; and I'll tell you why. If you're in a position to make honest money. A lot of it. Do it. Don't stop when you think you have enough. I'm not saying be a miser. Give 10 percent away. But make all the money you're capable of making. Why?

Read the lyrics above again.

Ace out...........

Friday, June 27, 2008

God - Religion - New Age Spirituality

I can remember having an almost "out of body" experience when I was 4 years old. It was at a Baptist church on the south side of my home town. It was what you would call a "black" baptist church. But the reason I say that it was an "almost" out of body experience is because unlike the traditional: " My soul left my body and I was looking down on everything going on in the room" it was more of an actual awakening to my "duality". I recall staring at my little fingers thinking that they were separate from me. (Me being my non-physical being)

It's interesting that my focus was on my fingers. I had no clue at the age of four that my fingers would become an integral part of who and what I would become. That marked the beginning of my church life. Three years later my family would move to a nearby city and I would start attending a "First Assembly of God" Pentecostal church. It was very animated, at times scary, but very, very charismatic. My mother use to drop off my sister, brother and me on Sunday morning so they could have some time alone.

Ten years later, at the age of 17, I would spend a year trying out new churches on my own. My mother had died 6 years earlier and I felt that God would give me some answers to my mangled upbringing. After my year of prospecting, I found the Church of Christ. Not the United Church of Christ. Not the West side Church of Christ and certainly not the Church of Christ of latter day saints. The Church that claims to be the original church Jesus founded on the day of Pentecost.

I know that the Catholic Church claims to be the "universal" church. But some argue that the Catholic denomination has done more to hurt the cause of traditional Christianity than to support it. The Church of Christ is a church that claims to follow the teaching of the new testament just as the original 7 churches of the 1st century did. The Church of Christ is also an independently run church that has it's own autonomy just as the church of Corrinth, the church of Phillipi, and the Church in Rome etc... did. None of them are nationally sponsored.

This appealed to me. It seemed as legit as an organized church could get. Their MO is: "If it's practiced in the new testament, we will practice it as such. If there's no evidence of practice or authorization of a practice, we will not do it. As that would be adding to the scriptures".

I was a member of the Church for 32 years.

I preached a number of sermons when the preacher was gone or when the congregation was without a preacher. I never considered becoming a preacher as I don't feel I ever had the "calling". I was however a very active song service leader up until I left the church in Sunnyvale. It was there that I had a 2nd epiphany. I visited the church of Rev. Paul Shepherd at the Abundant Life Christian fellowship church in Mountain View. It's a mega church of about 4000 worshippers, mostly African American but very diverse. It was this church that opened my mind to the actual "spiritual aspect" of God. Until I worshipped there; I felt I was attending a Christian University. (all knowledge and little practice) I could instantly feel the presence of a Spiritual being in this church. I came home and felt like I had "gone to church" for the first time.

The New Age Movement


For personal reasons, I haven't been in a church for about a year now. I have studied much of the "new age" movement of spirituality that is sweeping the nation because of the success of the movie "The Secret". I've always said, and I still mean it, that people who say the above statement: "I'm Spiritual, but I'm not religious" are like people who say, I'm physical, but I stay in bed all the time. I now understand that people that make these statements, are probably people that have just come to understand the duality of their life. (meaning physical and spiritual or non-physical) Deepak Chopra and Pierre Tielhard De Chardin were among the early leaders of this "new age" movement. To me, I see it as modern man's search for truth in a greater dimension or being. People that enjoy this movement are often people that do not like the restrictions or (dare I say it) "Control" of the traditional church.

Having studied both viewpoints with an open mind; I can truthfully say that both have their Pros and Cons. Both belief structures have logical/spiritual explanations. At the end of this post I'll give you my feedback on where I stand. (For what it's worth)

God is Something or Someone that corporeal man can not understand because of our limited knowledge. Some say God is purely Spiritual and can only be appreciated from the Spiritual POV. Yet Scientist still refer to Hurricanes, Volcanic eruptions, Floods, Tsunamis and Fire storms as "Acts of God". God Himself responded to Moses when asked: " Whom should I say said this?" "Tell them I Am that I Am". I interpret this as "It is what it is" A statement used to describe the unexplainable. New Age followers refer to God in a number of ways:

1. Source Energy
2. Higher Power
3. The divine
4. The Universe
5. The collective vibration of source energy

As you can tell, these monikers are less positional than the traditional God/Servant paradigm. The great "Almighty" is reduced to a "Scientific theory"

The traditional church has it's drawbacks as well. Western religion gets it's instruction from the Hebrew Torah (first five books of the old testament) and the New and Old testament of the Holy Bible.

What started as Christ Jesus and the 12 Apostles in Israel grew to a number of 2.1 billion believers in the 21st century divided amongst an approximate 34,000 denominations.


One of the biggest accusations made towards traditional western religion is that the validity of the writings can not be trusted as text could have been lost in the translations over the last 4000 years. Yet the dead sea scrolls written in Hebrew and the new testament written in Greek translate almost verbatim into the English standards that we have today.

Interpretations account for the 34,000 denominations. Much of the writing and preaching is symbolic. So this lends to many different interpretations of the same word. One night, my former Bass player and good friend Page Jackson said to me that his wife could not worship in a different church other than the church she belongs to. It was this defiance that led both of us to ask if Jesus meant for His followers to be divided as greatly as they are?

The drawbacks of traditional western religion is that the writings divide people. Ironically, the assets of western traditional religion are the writings. The value of the scriptures give us a template for living. It stresses love and stewardship. It encourages the corporeal being to be humble and appreciative. (as does the law of attraction) It empowers the believer with the Law of attraction. Jesus spoke: "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." Now that's Intention Manifestation!

The drawbacks of the new age movement is that most information is given through Psychics or Spiritual Channelers. The validity of the Psychic is not only an issue but the validity of the Spirit channeled is also a very serious issue. And in most cases, there is no theology. It's all "universal law".

The value of the new age movement is that the complacent believer must now become more aware of the spiritual world. Cook book spirituality does not work. It's refreshing to see people doing things to free their subconscious minds of limiting beliefs. Like it or not, belief is a huge part of the Law of attraction. As Wallace Wattles wrote: "There is a thinking Stuff that fills all the inter spaces of the universe."


I worship the God of the Hebrew Bible as the God of all creation. I do not claim to understand what God is as I believe that is beyond man's capability. I believe all the writings of the Hebrew Bible and the Greek Bible to be inspired words of God. Because one human is not capable of interpreting the Bible for all of man; I believe that man must approach the Bible using his spiritual skills. I believe that God wants man to have a "Spiritual" relationship with Him. Not just a concious relationship. Using new age techniques, I believe man can separate his Ego from his subconcious mind to have a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit.

I believe that without the guidance of the principals of the Holy Bible, working with Spirit guides can lead you to an unwanted situation. The new testament or Greek Bible admonishes the use of things like spiritual readings, Star chart readings and other psychic help. It doesn't say that it's not real. Prophets have been around since the beginning of time. But not all spirits have your best intentions in mind.

We all need to understand the "duality" of our being. I say, understand new age teachings. (although they're not really new) but respect and obey the teachings of God through the Bible. It's good to know how quantum physics work and effect your spiritual life. But understand that life as we know it is really short. Think twice before a psychic tells you something contrary to the teachings of the Bible. Satan wants you to believe that you can re-incarnate. Trust Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Don't completely trust your psychic. Learn to vibrate at a high frequency. It's OK to ackowledge that you are the full essence of God's love. If God's love is in you, then you are love. But know that you are not God nor are you greater or more important than God. This is a popular new age teaching that has a satanic ring to it.

Peace and Love

Ace Out........................................................

Thank You P. Elfeldt

A comment left on Amazon dot com about my review on "Ask and it is given" was very gratifying.

"Totally brilliant review. This reviewer should be headhunted by The New York Times. CAUSE WE NEED REAL BESTSELLERS AND NO MORE ABRAHAM OR LAW OF ATTRACTION NONSENSE"

I wouldn't mind working for the NY Times. That would be a nice gig, but I'm not sure if they would hire a conservative non-hippie like me.

But thank you Mr.Elfeldt for your support.

Ace out............

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beauty is in the Eye of the Viewer..........

When I was last single (1996 - 2001) I was smart enough to take a class called "Finding the Love of Your Life" . It was a video course that was produced by Dr.Neil Clark Warren. Many of you may have seen Dr.Warren in his commercials for E/ . But one chapter in the course focused on a question that has puzzled me all of my life.

Why do we find certain people more attractive than others? And why are some women percieved as very attractive to a majority of men?

Dr. Warren says it's our childhood scripting that is the programming of our fantasy partner. In other words Hollywood.

Somewhere in the DNA of the seeds of Puberty lay the visions of Beauty as described by Disney. If you study the characters of "Sleeping Beauty" "Snow White" or even "Cinderella" you'll find that Disney preferred a light skinned, caucasion girl with Big Eyes, a small nose, and big lips. Prominent cheek bones were also common. These images are what keep cosmetic sugeons busy every day. Rhinoplasty makes your nose smaller. Blepharoplasty makes your eye bigger (by reducing the eyelids). And of course what would Angelina Jolie be without collegin in those lips?

As you can see, This was the image little boys were told to look for; and the goal little girls were told to aim for. I guess it would have helped to be German or Scandanavian.

So we go thru life using these mental images as what we need to attain to be successful in life. If you're a minority; forget it. This isn't the country for you. You blondes wonder why hispanic girls have a chip on their shoulders? EVEN in the movie KING KONG the Gorilla was offered up a female human sacrifice with a BLONDE WIG. So can we blame Walt Disney for the 50% divorce rate in America Today? Perhaps there's enough blame to go around all of Hollywood. But ultimately we only have ourselves to blame. Self esteem is not something that comes from society's norms. As children, we are taught with positive and negative re-inforcement. If we do something good, your parents tell you so. If you do something bad, you are admonished. So as chidren, we are always looking outside (fr0m someone other than ourselves) for "confirmations" of our behavior. Unfortunately, this doesn't stop at behavior. We do the same thing for our profession, our lifestyle and of course our appearance.

In Science, we use what is called a "control" or a "Calibrant" to determine what is normal to give us "desirable" results. And as humans, we want to use that same type of pardigm (pronounced "pair- uh- dime) or method of thinking. So as a young "virile" male; if I can mate with someone that looks like "Barbie". Then that reflects on my ability to attract women. It says nothing about my ability to have a lasting relationship (see Hollywood marriages) .

Dr. Warren went on to classify people that were seeking a mate in 3 categories.

1. Breezers - (I'm paraphrasing) or people that look like Hollywood's perception of Beautiful. These people never have to look for a date. Their always having people hit on them and their biggest problem is weeding out the one's they dislike. I guess this would be the Jennifers, Brads, Bens and Angelinas of the world.

2. The Short Shrifted - You know who you are. I guess the best phrase that describes this bunch is from the Woody Allen movie "Annie Hall" Woody quotes Graucho Marx when describing his relationships. He says "I would never want to be in a club that would have Me as a member". I think this describes the sort of "Programmed" social suicide that keeps many humans from being happy. I've seen it many times with financially successful people. We don't want what we don't have, we want what we can't have. Short shrifted people think they're too good for what has come their way. The problem is, all of their decision making criteria is based on physical attribute.

3. The desperate - Yes, these are people with just the opposite problem of the short shrifted. They lack self-esteem and are drawn to anyone that will look at them twice. They mistake attention for attraction. It's very sad because true beauty lays within the person. And these people sell themselves short.

Hollywood has sold us a bill of goods. They want us to think that a mindless bimbo has more going for her than mother Theresa. The more women gained from the civil rights movement of the 60's; the more Hollywood has stripped of them by focusing on their physical attributes. True beauty doesn't come from Revlon. It doesn't come from having the right genetic make up. It's not about what you have, where you live, what you wear or what you do. It's about what you are. To millions of shallow girls, they find their role models in Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. In their Hollywood programmed mind; "if only I could look like her all of my problems would be over".

It's very sad. As long as we keep using the television as a form of parenting, we will continue to support this self-destructive myth. When little girls long to be more like mother Theresa, or Sally Ride and Men start appreciating women as beings and not physical possesions; then will there be hope for future generations. Only then will the divorce rate start to decline. Only then will humanity start to scratch the surface of it's potential.

Ace out...............

Dumbasses and Uber-Dumbasses

OK, I assume we all have hobbies that can be a point of shame if spoken of in mixed company. Things we do that make outsiders look and go "Dumbass". And it's not so much the what but the "Nature" of your hobbie.

Let me splain Lucy. I have on my website, a pic in the gallery section of myself and Tim Russ. (no not the late Tim Russert) Tim Russ is more popularly known as Tuvok the Vulcan on "Voyager". I knew Tim from the movie and great cult film "Crossroads". The one with Joe Seneca and the Karate Kid Maccio. He played Robert Johnson. Wow what a role. And Tim actually plays a kick ass guitar.

But back to my point. That pic was taken at a........... Star Trek Convention in Sacramento CA. (OK I said it) You can probably tell that I'm wearing a Star Trek Uniform. Well a shirt. And I'm happy to say that at the convention; I got to see BOTH William Shatner AND Leonard Nimoy AND I was appoached by a group of fluent speaking Klingons who were most impressed by my native Klingon hair who wanted to recruit me for their "Outpost". LOL......... Sorry, I'm just into the memorabilia.

I also enjoy collecting Baseball memorabilia such as a mint 56 Mays card #130 with sharp corners or a bat used by Ricky Henderson etc....

But there's a special stupid out there that I just can't understand.

Civil War re-enactments. What? Do we have to re-enact these wars so we aren't bound to repeat it? Is this the ultimate in little kids playing war? And do I really have to fall and lay on the ground in my authentic replica uniform?

Now to the best of my knowledge I don't think "Trekkies" dress up and recreate episodes of TOS, TNG or Voyager. However I wouldn't mind re-enacting a scene with Jolene Blalock. I mean Officer T'pol.

But this does nothing for me. I mean what's next? Real Bullets?

Stuff I think about at 3 in the Morning

I didn't sleep well last night. I was up at midnight then again at 3am. For some abstract reason; at 3am while trying to go back to sleep, the question entered my mind: "What makes Mexican Jumping Beans jump?"

I remember how popular they use to be in the 60s when I was just a little tike. Kids use to bring them to school in those plastic see-thru cases. (see pic) Then (if they trusted you)let you hold it in your hand while the bean started jumping around in your hand. Now my thought last night was not nearly as mysterious as it was umpteen years ago. I knew that legumes weren't animated. (until they hit your colon) So I approached it from a purely entomological standpoint or POV. (you see how serious this got?)

I knew it had something to do with an insect. MY FIRST GUESS (well only guess as google was much faster than my 3 brain cells at the time) was that it was some sort of "Spanish Flea" trapped inside. Yeah because those beans use to jump like fleas.

Close but no cigar.

Of all things, they're called Jumping Bean Moths. Or the actual larva before the moth is born. Check it out:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The "New" Secret

It looks like this movie will coat tail the smash hit "The Secret". I like the excerp from Einstein. This is obviously a manifestation of Joe Vitale's concept that we all "create our own reality".

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Pet Ravens...........

I've been feeding the neighborhood Ravens for a year now and they're no longer afraid of me. I can put out food and they'll actually come and get it in my presence.

Which makes for some great photography.

Meet Howard, Cheryl and Junior:

Monday, June 16, 2008

What if.....................

Columbus hadn't landed on Plymouth Rock? I'm sure as my Indian acestors would say, "The Sun would shine, the Wind would blow and the Earth would beathe".

But I feel that domination of this perfect Utopia was inevitable. If those claiming to have "Christian morals" could come to America and kill 60,million indigenous people,(over 200 years) Imagine what Russian would have done. Imagine what a ruler like Hussein or Hitler would have done.

Yes, war with the old world was inevitable. I can only imagine that being pushed around like heards of buffalo wasn't as bad as having a full blown "Wounded Knee" in every part of the Indian nation.

The truth is, the European did more harm with his viruses than Hitler did with his death chambers.

Ace out............

Sunday, June 15, 2008



Saturday, June 14, 2008

2012 END OF THE WORLD prophecy.....

I'm amazed at how many websites/Videos there are that support the END OF THE WORLD BEING 12.21.2012.

I had heard of 1984. And of course the panic about Y2K messing with the computers in the missle Silos. But I knew nothing about the Hopi prediction stone, the I Ching, and of course the Mayan Calendar.

If you're a Christian and you've read your Bible; it wouldn't surprise you if someone told you that we were living in the "END OF TIMES" period now. John's prophecies from the book of "REVELATION" are easily seen everywhere. But I had no Idea that 2012 (to be specific; 12.21.2012) was the day.

Check out these videos from the History Channel:

Friday, June 13, 2008


But moreso, Happy Flag Day tomorrow June 14th. I was actually saddened today when I was in "SAVEMART" and looked down to see 2 American Flags laying on the floor of the store. In my day they were suppose to be burned. But they were wrapped in plastic and therfore I imagine somewhat protected. I reached down and picked both of them up. I brushed them off. Then placed them delicately on top of a Picnic display. (appropriately). The urge to raise hell and complain to the store manager briefly blew by me and I dismissed it as just the feelings of anger trying to enter my spirit again.

Sunday the 15th will be Father's day. I could tell that because next to the picnic display were some awful looking ties and some cheap wallets. lol. I wish my father was alive to wish a happy father's day to. Sure I know he had many faults. We all do. But I'm through blaming my parents (conciously and subconciously) for my lack of an up bringing. I'm thankful that the two came together and procreated me. Period. End of story. What more do I deserve to ask for? Sure I could have been born a Winchester (M*A*S*H reference) or I could have been born a jew in Nazi Germany in 1932. I Thank both of my parents for giving me life and a chance at making the best of it. That is my responsibility.

Happy 13FlagFather's day

Ace out..............

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

About being Cherokee..........

If you recall, I had an astonishing epiphany 2 weeks ago where I found out about my Indian heritage on my mother's side. I use to laugh because many people from the south claim to be part Cherokee; just as everyone on St.Patrick's day claims to be part Irish.

Hey, I'm both.

But here are some motivating words of wisdom I came across:

"The Cherokee legacy is that we are a people who face adversity, survive, adapt, prosper and excel."
"And to fulfill this legacy, we must ask the questions...

Where will we be as people five, ten, fifty or one hundred years from now?
Do we brag about our full blood ancestor or do we brag about our Indian grandchildren?
Do we live in the past or do we focus on the future?
Is being Cherokee a novelty or a way of life?
Is being Cherokee a heritage or a future?

Our ancestors who walked the grounds of this capitol building resoundingly cry,

'Don’t forget the legacy we passed on. Don’t let it lapse. Pass it on, stronger and stronger to your children. Let the Cherokee language laugh, speak and sing again. Let our history be known and discussed. Live by our wisdom. Don’t let us die as a people. If you do then all our sacrifice will be for nothing and you will lose those things that fulfill your life.'"

"Being Indian is mainly in your heart. It's a way of walking with the earth instead of upon it. A lot of the history books talk about us Indians in the past tense, but we don't plan on going anywhere... We have lost so much, but the thing that holds us together is that we all belong to and are protectors of the earth; that's the reason for us being here. Mother Earth is not a resource, she is an heirloom."

Ace out..............

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Abraham (Estherham) vs. Jesus

As many of you know I've been examining the the teachings of Abraham thru Jerry and Esther Hicks. My only other comparison for anything this "Spiritual" would be the teachings of the Bible. The writings of the prophet "Isiah" 12 chapter 12 - 14 talk about Satan's fall from Heaven. It is speculated that Satan or Lucifer as he was once known, was the greatest of all of the Angels. In fact he was 86'd from Heaven because of his ambition to be "greater than the creater". Paul makes reference to this in his first letter to the young Timothy chapter 3 v.6

6)He must not be a recent convert, or he may become conceited and fall under the same judgment as the devil.

Many statements made by Esther's "friends" are complete contradictions to the words spoken by Jesus. As a matter of fact, many of them are exact quotes from Satan 2000 years ago. Abraham says "There is no death". Jesus spoke "The wages of sin is death". Satan spoke to Eve before she ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge:"surely you will not die".

But most bothersome is when Abraham speaks of Man's attempt to Please God but Man doesn't realize that they are superior to God. Abraham and their spiritual collective are what man refers to as God and that they are present for "our" human support. And that as Humans we are greater than this "god" collective.

It sounds like something Satan would say. As a fact, it is in Matthew when Jesus went up into the mountain for the 40 day fast that Satan offered Jesus all of earth if He would just bow down to Satan. Sound familiar? Jesus was hungry and Satan was tempting him with material rewards.

Is the law of attraction as Esther and Jerry Hicks teach it correct? Yes and No. Is Abraham truly a voice from the ether? Possibly. Prophets are nothing new. Yet who's voice is Esther channeling? Is it a minion of Satan?

This is something quite serious to consider. Do not abandon your belief system if you have based it on the fundamental teachings of the Bible. I have found conflicts that bother me. Sure I want success. I want the house, the car and the career. But I also treasure my soul. My spirit. My "non-physical being".

Ace out...........

Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Return to Love

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.’ We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

The Politics of Religion

I grew up and studied The Bible and Christianity for the most part of my life in the "Church of Christ". Not the United Church of Christ as seen in Rev.Wright's rampages on CNN, but the one's that are Independently run and conducted on the "Local level" in every area of the United States. The format of the CoC is pretty much the same everywhere. If it's not, then you're not in a real "Church of Christ" .

The Church takes the writings of the Bible and uses absolute literal translations. And the Bible does leave its' self open to translation. The practice of the Church of Christ is "If it's written in the Bible, we shall practice it. If it's not written in the Bible, we shall not add to it" This approach to Christianity has it's advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is, You learn the teachings of the Bible and understand the "Why" behind the "what". The disadvantage is that you tend to condemn everybody else that doesn't translate the Bible the way the Church of Christ does.

I was able to live with this until my good friend and excellent Bassist told me that his spouse had issues about worshipping in a church other than hers. At last count there were well over 300 registered splinter factions of Christianity in the United States alone. My Friend pointed out one great observation: "Did Christ come to earth to divide those who claimed to love him?" Am I going to Hell because I don't use real wine for communion? Am I going to Hell because I don't take communion on the first day of every week?

I've broken up with girlfriends because of the issue of "Baptism". Do you think God intended that to happen?

Religion has become politicized. That's why You hear more and more people saying "I'm spiritual, but I'm not religious". And I've always responded by saying, that's like saying I'm physical, but I stay in bed all day.

The Politics of religion has turned many a believer away from God out of fear of being wrong. I can't imagine the frustrations that Catholics go through when they hear from Baptists that they're doing it wrong and they're all hell bound. Then the Baptist get told they're wrong because "John the Baptist didn't die for their sins". And of course the Church of Christ is convinced that they are going to be the only ones in heaven.

I believe for one to worship that which we call God; one must have an omni-religious approach to the Divine that resonates with the teachings of the Bible. One must have a direct relationship with God through his son Christ Jesus. Don't worry about having the right to worship God the way YOU want to worship Him; worry about worshipping God the way HE wants you to worship Him.

New Age spirituality and traditional Church doctrine. I believe that today the Divine creator we call God, is being sought after by man in unorthodox ways. The most common term used today is "Source Energy". In the old testament God used the name "I am". The Jews didn't want to say the name verbatim as it appeared to the ancient Jew as disrespectful so they made up their own "user friendly" name Jehovah. Man is seeking God on the Quantum physics level. We are learning about the powerful attributes that come from the emotion LOVE. Many are concluding that God is Love and if we are Love then we become part of a collective of Love that is God.

Carnelian Sage writes: "I am the full expression of God's Love. God's Love is in me. I am Love".

The world is changing. We are beginning to know more about God other than that which has been written. Do we discard the teachings of our fathers? Absolutely NOT! But unlike the democrats and republicans that are diametrically opposed in the political arena, WE as believers in God through Christ need to unite so that those who want to develop a relationship with God will not be turned off by the inconsistency of all the "Thou shall nots". Satan is using new age religion to get man to by-pass the cross.

The success of the movie the Secret is proof that people are looking to connect with miracles. They're looking for Love from God. They're tired of Priests and Clergy telling them that they're sinners that need to repent. While painting a picture of this grumpy old man standing on a cloud pointing His finger at you.

God is something we can not as humans begin to comprehend. Source Energy is an imaginative concept that points us towards God's greatness. Jesus once said "Ask and it shall be given" long before Esther and Jerry Hicks plagiarized "Ask and it is given". Jesus went on to say that with Faith the size of a mustard seed (a mustard seed is about the size of this symbol @) you could tell this mountain to move into the ocean and it would obey your command. So manifesting intentions is nothing new and far from a secret.

I believe that Jesus is the incarnated form of God. God in human flesh. He walked on this planet for 33 years not only to be an example for mankind to follow, but to teach us how to live "enjoyable lives" and rest our minds about death. The human God, Jesus Christ, died a humble and wrongful death which was purposefully controversial so that those who believed him to be the Son of God, would gain victory over Satan and have eternal life with God the Father and Christ the son in the Kingdom of Heaven.

So be spiritual. Acknowledge the spiritual aspect of your life. Know that LOVE connects you to the "Source Energy". But also realize that Source Energy once took the form of a human in the deity of Jesus Christ and laid out the path back to source energy in a righteous fashion. Know that God wants you to be happy. God wants you to enjoy the best this earth has to offer. Because if you're rich, you can help others in need. But remember, Love is the igniter that gets the fuel burning.

And beware! Satan wants you as well. Satan wants to own your soul. Misery loves company and Satan knows that he was defeated on the cross. Be aware of Satan when you practice your intention manifestations. Do everything in life with Love, Faith and undying Gratitude to God almighty. Let God live in you. Let the Son shine in your smile.

Ace out...........

Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Night Seafood Dinner at the Andres' house

My wife, being from the midwest was expection the worst when I informed her that I was making Cioppino for dinner. Just in case, I had 2 Halibut steaks on the side as a back up. But the Halibut was over shadowed by one of the most wonderful Cioppino dishes I've ever made. And It was done on the cheap side. But it was awesome.

I used

2 cups of V8 juice
1 small can of Tomatoe sauce
1 cup of Chardonay
1 chopped small size yellow onion
10 minced galic cloves
10 sliced baby Bella mushrooms
1 bunch of Cilantro
1 tblspoon of Oregano
1 tblspoon of Basil
3 Bay leafs
1/3 pound of bay scallops
2 cans of baby clams WITH the juice
1/3 pound of small count shrimp
1 can of oysters and the juice
1 tablespoon of black pepper
1 chopped anaheim pepper
1/8 teaspoon of Ceyenne pepper
1/4 teaspoon of Chili Powder
4 stalks of celerey
about a cup of frozen chopped Spinach
and a small handfull of Orzo pasta.

Try it, you'll love it.

You're welcome ahead a time

Ace out..........

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I could be wrong and owe Esther an Apology

I was forced to stay home today and wait for a phone call. In doing so I hit you tube and studied Esther and Jerry Hick's videos. (all 500 of them) I have re-concluded that I don't think Esther could respond as loquatiously and fluently as she does in many of her videos. I'm not concluding that she is transmitting messages from the "other side", but I'm not convinced that she is faking it.

I'd also like to confess that what she says has interesting validity and "continuity" to it.

Please judge for Yourself

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Channelled Products - an Abraham follow-up

I was wondering if it would sell anymore albums if I marketed my next album as being recorded by the spirit of Stevie Ray Hendrix (SRV and Jimi Hendrix) If the music sounded like Stevie or Jimi, I could just say I was "Channaling the spirit through my fingers, Right?


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Book Review ~ Ask and It is Given , Hicks

Before I purchased "Ask and it is given" I was looking forward to an in depth study on the Law of Attraction. This book was recommended as a great starting point. Much to my disappointment, I failed to realize that the book was supposedly written from beyond grave or from the Ether. I say Kudos to Jerry and Esther Hicks for manifesting a cash cow called Abraham. Esther's performances in character as "Abraham" starts out fascinating until she starts to break character and starts to talk like the incarnated Esther again.

Am I supposed to believe Esther and Jerry's version of LoA simply because a supposed "channeled spirit" told me? And they go so far as to say that the spiritual collective (sounds like the Borg from Star Trek) actually wrote this book through Esther's hands at the keyboards. I feel Jerry is actually the "Wizard" behind the curtain. Jerry openly admits that before he got into spirituality, he was into "Think and Grow Rich". I think Jerry did some excellent thinking. He knew the original teachings of the Law of Attraction and taught them to Esther. Esther has an uncanny ability to quote writings verbatim.

Since I've started investing in books and resources on the Law of attraction, I've discovered that everybody has a "me-too" piggy back version of the "secret”. Usually it's called the "Missing Secret" (aka why the secret is not working for you) There’s thousands of dollars that can be spent on these back up books.

But all you need is the material that inspired all of the above.

1. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles

2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Both were written in the early 1900's. Both explain the what and why behind the Law of Attraction. They give you their formulas based on 2500 case studies and give you analysis as to why one group failed and others succeeded. What is more fascinating than "Abraham" is that these two books are as accurate today as they were in the early 1900's. They teach the "secret" from the mouths of Thomas Edison, Charles Schwab,J.P.Morgan and a multitude of America's wealth pioneers.

I say don't waste your money on the abracadabra or hocus pocus. Don't spend your money on the cruise lectures. Do yourself a favor; buy the original teachings of Hill and Wattles and THEN branch out into the after market teachings of people like Joe Vitale or Carnelian Sage. And if you still want to purchase "Ask and it is given", you'll be better prepared to discern the fact from fantasy.