Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dumbasses and Uber-Dumbasses

OK, I assume we all have hobbies that can be a point of shame if spoken of in mixed company. Things we do that make outsiders look and go "Dumbass". And it's not so much the what but the "Nature" of your hobbie.

Let me splain Lucy. I have on my website, a pic in the gallery section of myself and Tim Russ. (no not the late Tim Russert) Tim Russ is more popularly known as Tuvok the Vulcan on "Voyager". I knew Tim from the movie and great cult film "Crossroads". The one with Joe Seneca and the Karate Kid Maccio. He played Robert Johnson. Wow what a role. And Tim actually plays a kick ass guitar.

But back to my point. That pic was taken at a........... Star Trek Convention in Sacramento CA. (OK I said it) You can probably tell that I'm wearing a Star Trek Uniform. Well a shirt. And I'm happy to say that at the convention; I got to see BOTH William Shatner AND Leonard Nimoy AND I was appoached by a group of fluent speaking Klingons who were most impressed by my native Klingon hair who wanted to recruit me for their "Outpost". LOL......... Sorry, I'm just into the memorabilia.

I also enjoy collecting Baseball memorabilia such as a mint 56 Mays card #130 with sharp corners or a bat used by Ricky Henderson etc....

But there's a special stupid out there that I just can't understand.

Civil War re-enactments. What? Do we have to re-enact these wars so we aren't bound to repeat it? Is this the ultimate in little kids playing war? And do I really have to fall and lay on the ground in my authentic replica uniform?

Now to the best of my knowledge I don't think "Trekkies" dress up and recreate episodes of TOS, TNG or Voyager. However I wouldn't mind re-enacting a scene with Jolene Blalock. I mean Officer T'pol.

But this does nothing for me. I mean what's next? Real Bullets?


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