Saturday, June 14, 2008

2012 END OF THE WORLD prophecy.....

I'm amazed at how many websites/Videos there are that support the END OF THE WORLD BEING 12.21.2012.

I had heard of 1984. And of course the panic about Y2K messing with the computers in the missle Silos. But I knew nothing about the Hopi prediction stone, the I Ching, and of course the Mayan Calendar.

If you're a Christian and you've read your Bible; it wouldn't surprise you if someone told you that we were living in the "END OF TIMES" period now. John's prophecies from the book of "REVELATION" are easily seen everywhere. But I had no Idea that 2012 (to be specific; 12.21.2012) was the day.

Check out these videos from the History Channel:


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