Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Politics of Religion

I grew up and studied The Bible and Christianity for the most part of my life in the "Church of Christ". Not the United Church of Christ as seen in Rev.Wright's rampages on CNN, but the one's that are Independently run and conducted on the "Local level" in every area of the United States. The format of the CoC is pretty much the same everywhere. If it's not, then you're not in a real "Church of Christ" .

The Church takes the writings of the Bible and uses absolute literal translations. And the Bible does leave its' self open to translation. The practice of the Church of Christ is "If it's written in the Bible, we shall practice it. If it's not written in the Bible, we shall not add to it" This approach to Christianity has it's advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is, You learn the teachings of the Bible and understand the "Why" behind the "what". The disadvantage is that you tend to condemn everybody else that doesn't translate the Bible the way the Church of Christ does.

I was able to live with this until my good friend and excellent Bassist told me that his spouse had issues about worshipping in a church other than hers. At last count there were well over 300 registered splinter factions of Christianity in the United States alone. My Friend pointed out one great observation: "Did Christ come to earth to divide those who claimed to love him?" Am I going to Hell because I don't use real wine for communion? Am I going to Hell because I don't take communion on the first day of every week?

I've broken up with girlfriends because of the issue of "Baptism". Do you think God intended that to happen?

Religion has become politicized. That's why You hear more and more people saying "I'm spiritual, but I'm not religious". And I've always responded by saying, that's like saying I'm physical, but I stay in bed all day.

The Politics of religion has turned many a believer away from God out of fear of being wrong. I can't imagine the frustrations that Catholics go through when they hear from Baptists that they're doing it wrong and they're all hell bound. Then the Baptist get told they're wrong because "John the Baptist didn't die for their sins". And of course the Church of Christ is convinced that they are going to be the only ones in heaven.

I believe for one to worship that which we call God; one must have an omni-religious approach to the Divine that resonates with the teachings of the Bible. One must have a direct relationship with God through his son Christ Jesus. Don't worry about having the right to worship God the way YOU want to worship Him; worry about worshipping God the way HE wants you to worship Him.

New Age spirituality and traditional Church doctrine. I believe that today the Divine creator we call God, is being sought after by man in unorthodox ways. The most common term used today is "Source Energy". In the old testament God used the name "I am". The Jews didn't want to say the name verbatim as it appeared to the ancient Jew as disrespectful so they made up their own "user friendly" name Jehovah. Man is seeking God on the Quantum physics level. We are learning about the powerful attributes that come from the emotion LOVE. Many are concluding that God is Love and if we are Love then we become part of a collective of Love that is God.

Carnelian Sage writes: "I am the full expression of God's Love. God's Love is in me. I am Love".

The world is changing. We are beginning to know more about God other than that which has been written. Do we discard the teachings of our fathers? Absolutely NOT! But unlike the democrats and republicans that are diametrically opposed in the political arena, WE as believers in God through Christ need to unite so that those who want to develop a relationship with God will not be turned off by the inconsistency of all the "Thou shall nots". Satan is using new age religion to get man to by-pass the cross.

The success of the movie the Secret is proof that people are looking to connect with miracles. They're looking for Love from God. They're tired of Priests and Clergy telling them that they're sinners that need to repent. While painting a picture of this grumpy old man standing on a cloud pointing His finger at you.

God is something we can not as humans begin to comprehend. Source Energy is an imaginative concept that points us towards God's greatness. Jesus once said "Ask and it shall be given" long before Esther and Jerry Hicks plagiarized "Ask and it is given". Jesus went on to say that with Faith the size of a mustard seed (a mustard seed is about the size of this symbol @) you could tell this mountain to move into the ocean and it would obey your command. So manifesting intentions is nothing new and far from a secret.

I believe that Jesus is the incarnated form of God. God in human flesh. He walked on this planet for 33 years not only to be an example for mankind to follow, but to teach us how to live "enjoyable lives" and rest our minds about death. The human God, Jesus Christ, died a humble and wrongful death which was purposefully controversial so that those who believed him to be the Son of God, would gain victory over Satan and have eternal life with God the Father and Christ the son in the Kingdom of Heaven.

So be spiritual. Acknowledge the spiritual aspect of your life. Know that LOVE connects you to the "Source Energy". But also realize that Source Energy once took the form of a human in the deity of Jesus Christ and laid out the path back to source energy in a righteous fashion. Know that God wants you to be happy. God wants you to enjoy the best this earth has to offer. Because if you're rich, you can help others in need. But remember, Love is the igniter that gets the fuel burning.

And beware! Satan wants you as well. Satan wants to own your soul. Misery loves company and Satan knows that he was defeated on the cross. Be aware of Satan when you practice your intention manifestations. Do everything in life with Love, Faith and undying Gratitude to God almighty. Let God live in you. Let the Son shine in your smile.

Ace out...........


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