Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Money, Geld, Cashola ~ Let's examine it

Money is often called currency. It is used to enable "Quid Pro Quo" transactions. What role does money play in our lives? I would say it's as important as air. Without money, your life is going to be difficult. Without a lot of it, it's going to be a struggle. And if it's not, the struggle is coming at someone else's expense. (like mom and dad's)

But many of us say we want wealth. But the media (Television, newspaper and radio) has done a great job of making you think you don't really want it. A common example is "Gilligan's Island". How did the producers of Gilligan's Island make the Howells out to be? Idiot misers. So as children we thought, if we get rich, we'll be percieved as bufoons.

Even before television. Look at Dickens and "A Christmas Carol" Ebeneezer Scrooge is depicted as a cruel heartless penny pinching dictator.

Let's go way back now. Look at the new testament. Jesus says "It will be easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle; than for a rich man to enter heaven".

And of course to go along with that you have "The Love of money is the root of many evils". (not as it is commonly misquoted "Money is the root of all evils")

But money is like oxygen. Those who have money do not die of exposure. Those who have money still die, eventually, but even the apostle Paul said that it was important for man to work and earn his living.(I'm paraphrasing)

I've actually heard preachers say that they "didn't want to be to rich or they might forget God, yet they didn't want to be to poor or they might resent God". Boy sounds like a lot of housewifes talking about their husbands.

I've been studying the subject of Money quite a bit lately. It started when I invested in the DVD "The secret". The secret is one of the nicest incomplete movies you'll ever watch. Of course if you go on the internet you'll find a pleathora of books, videos and CD's that try to cell you the "missing SECRET".

All of them are trying to tell you that the reason the "Secret" is not working for you is because you have a "limiting belief". And just buy my book/CD/DVD and I'll show you how to identify and rid yourself of your subconcious belief that is holding you back from your riches.

I spoke ealier about our attitudes that we have about rich people. This indeed is more common than you might believe. There are endless reasons why people won't let themselves become rich. The biggest reason (and I'll save you about 200 bucks in books) is that you don't feel that you're deserving for one reason or another (or several).

I'm afraid money would change me.

I wouldn't feel right making more money than my parents.

The Bible says I should be poor.

Most rich people I know are unhappy.


These are all dearly held beliefs. But they're all just flawed progammed thinking.

Yes money will change you, but what wrong with not having bills to pay?
Your parents are abusing you if they wouldn't love for you to be rich?
The Bible says nothing about wanting you to be poor. Actually the Bible talks about "Abundant blessings".
Happiness comes from within. Happiness is a state. It's not something that money buys. Now the lack of money can lead to many situations that will challenge your happiness if you don't have a solid relationship grounded in trust. But money in itself is just a tool. It's like a fork. Forks don't make you fat. Money doesn't make you happy or unhappy.

Americans should have a greater respect for money. Parents, teach your children to respect money. It's humanly essential to be financially responsible. Just as much as it is to be hygenically clean or morally law abiding.

Remember, you can never be too thin or too rich.

Ace out........


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